Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday irritations

It is funny how tiny little things can influence a day’s behaviour. I have spent most of today slightly sad and withdrawn all because my toe is poking through a hole in my tights. I’ve tried to shuffle it around so it won’t poke out, but it appears my toe is in desperate need to rub against the inside of my shoe like some love-starved dog.

This is combined today with the dreaded half-sleeve / jacket situation. Every time I put my jacket on I have to spend ages fishing around for the end of my sleeve so it doesn’t bunch up somewhere around my armpit. This also makes me feel slightly sad, as well as every so often looking rather demented.

Another bad decision today was the sleepy thought last night that my hair could go another day. I should never, ever have this thought. When this thought occurs, I spend the next day with hair scraped back off my face looking as if I am auditioning for the part of Constance Hardbroom in a new theatre production of Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch.

The final nail in today was pairing suit trousers with trainers all because I woke up late and had to run to the train station. Got my train, but not sure my old battered Sketchers really go with pin-stripe. Still, all the better to run home again and plan to be more organised for tomorrow.


Kit Courteney said...

Oh this does make me feel less alone in the irritation dept.

I HATE the sleeve thing. Grrr... drives me nuts.

My irritation, today, was wearing knickers that are cut a bit strangely so they wedge up my bum. I'd forgotten how bloody uncomfortable they are.

Stood in the queue at Tesco trying to de-wedge discreetly.

Not entirely sure I was successful.

Jayne said...

Oh dear, de-wedging discreetly in public is a very tricky thing indeed. The things us girlies go through... I am sure blokes do not have to worry about stuff like this!

And today's irritation? My work trousers were not quite long enough, and so revealed rather more of my dreadful sock/shoe combination than I'd have liked. Honestly, it is as if I get dressed in the dark most days. What do I think in the mornings? 'Oh that sock/shoe effect is marvellous, let's rock with that!' Madness.