Friday, 11 November 2011

Rewrite Update

What to say
when life gets in the way?
Sometimes there are quiet times
and I retreat off stage
to let another person take centre place
and speak my lines.

Every time I click on my blog I feel horrendously guilty for not being here, tremendously happy to see none of you have gone away, and touchingly thrilled to see more people have joined. I’m sorry for being so quiet of late. The Grand Novel Rewrite alongside the Annoying Three-Hour-a-Day Commute and the Stupidly Busy Full-time Work tipped me screaming over the edge.

I’m back now, though. Imagine me striding from the jungle with the novel in a knap-sack, the triumphant tune from Indiana Jones playing in the background.

Some of you asked why I decided to do the rewrite. The easiest explanation is that I felt ‘something’ wasn’t right, but at the same time had a total belief in the actual story. So in July I pieced together feedback and advice, considered what would happen to the plot if I made some drastic changes, and decided that it would work rather nicely. So August was spent writing a whole new beginning, and then September and October I worked through the rest of novel, finally finishing up just before Halloween.

Auspicious, maybe? Bwahahaha.

After that I was completely knackered! I needed to resettle myself in the world, spend time with friends, tidy up, and just breathe. The new-look novel needed to breathe as well. So it’s been in a metaphorical drawer for the last two weeks but this weekend it’ll come out and I’ll work on it anew. Looking forward to it! The synopsis is mainly done too, so now all that is left is a fresh look at my query letter, and then away she goes. I’m pondering the wisdom of querying so close to Christmas but it all goes into a pile to be read eventually, and I don’t think my manuscript will be mistaken for a mince pie, so I’m sure all will be fine.

However, I did have one last little burst of creativity at the end of October – I managed to enter the National Poetry Contest by the skin of my teeth. (Eugh – I’ve always hated that saying. Whose monstrous teeth have skin?!) I’ve always loved poetry – writing, reading, listening, speaking – but it’s the first time I’ve sent a poem away anywhere. It’s new ground for me in the way the poem is put together but that’s the whole point of poetry – reaching and stretching to see where words can go. The contest shortlist / winners will be announced in spring 2012. Oh so long to wait!


E.R. King said...

Good for you for writing poetry. It's wonderful that you're branching out. I hope your poem does well!

Laura Marcella said...

Wow, good for you, Jayne! Sometimes totally rewriting needs to be done. That's great you didn't abandon your novel and instead figured out how to make it work.

Good luck with your poetry writing! i hope you heard great news about it in the spring. :)

Clair Humphries said...

Well done, Jayne. I'm a great believer in putting WIPs in the metaphorical 'drawer' for a while. I'm sure it's fab now it's all done and dusted :)

mshatch said...

ambitious project! So cool you were able to make it work :)

Old Kitty said...

Hello lovely Jayne!!! Glad to read you are ok and just as creative and lively and amazing as ever!! Good luck with your poetry entry!! The waiting game is evil.

I sent off a flash fic story to a comp and won't know until.... Sept 2012 if I failed miserably! Like, I want to know now! LOL!!

Take care and have a great weekend!! x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

FIngers crossed for you, my friend! All good thoughts flying your way. Perhaps you'll give us a wee taste of your poetry someday??

Fran said...

I hate waiting for competition results. I always forget in the end. I'd like to say 'and then I get a cheque in the post and remember'. But that's not true.

Iain said...

Welcome back!
I hope reading the re-write is as good as you hope :o)

Joanna/Dolly said...

It is even more wonderful to read your posts now after meeting you with Froggy & I when I was home last week.

I can hear your voice and see your smile as I read your news.

I am so thrilled to have such a new and talented friend X

jabblog said...

It's hard to be objective and rewrite - to throw away (or store) those wonderful words we've written. I applaud you and wish you well:-)

Val's alentejo blog said...

I wish you good luck with your poem entry.
I was wondering! have you any books published yet! i am looking forward to reading this one you have re written.. Persistence pays off. keep at it.
A rest always clears one's head..
best of luck
val's alentejo blog

Kittie Howard said...

Congrats on taking the plunge! Fingers crossed your poem makes it to shore first.

Loved how you described putting your manuscript in a drawer for a while. When the drawer's opened, I'm sure it will be even more gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

Love your header...very classy.

New Follower....stopping by to look around.


Talli Roland said...

Wow, you've been busy, Jayne! Sounds like you've done the right thing with the rewrite. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

Rebecca Bradley said...

It sounds as though you are happy with the rewrite which is a good place to be and a positive start to the next stage. Wishing you many positive responses and good luck with the competition!

D.J. Kirkby said...

A 3 hour commute? Oh, nightmare... As for the rewrite, I ham now 19,000 words into a complete rewrite of novel number two. I have only just stopped cursing myself for not taking the easy way out and simply writing it as a second draft.

Maggie May said...

You did well to do the rewrite on the book and to now be writing poetry too.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Happy Frog and I said...

As Joanna/Dolly said it's even better for us both when reading your post because we have recently met you. Best of luck with all of your writing, you have so many people rooting for you. x

Jenny Beattie said...

I think it's enormously brave to enter any comp. I'm afraid that I'm terrified. I decided after my recent Arvon course that I would start to enter some... ahem. I haven't. Not yet. Good luck with your entry.

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Good luck on your poem, Jayne and good for you to finish your rewrite. A synopsis and query almost ready to go: Good for you on that, too, because they are certainly challenging in their own way.
BTW: I don't think it matters whether it's the Xmas season. I sent some things out this week and simply calendared them a month later than their stated response time. Like you, I think eventually they will get to them.