Thursday, 15 March 2012

I wish...

I spend a goodly amount of my life wishing there were more hours in the day (although not when I’m at work. There are plenty enough hours in that portion of the day, thank ‘ee very much.). If there were more hours, I’d be able to:

  1. Put aside a chunk of time each day to write my socks off
  2. Go to the gym and get super-fit 
  3. Be groomed and fancy at all times, even if popping to the shop to buy milk 
  4. Spend more time with friends in search of the perfect cupcake
  5. Enjoy some down time to stare at the clouds now and again
But we’re all governed by the same 24 hours. No matter what time zone we’re in, we all rise, work, eat, sleep. Others can do it. So the answer must lie within me, young Padawans. I suspect the inability to do the things on my list comes mainly from the last item. I spend way too much time thinking thoughts like:

  • If the cartoon was called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – who were the Masters?
  • What if Napoleon Solo was Hans Solo’s dad?
  • Do all foods taste good dipped in golden syrup? 

Although these thoughts are in a way perfect for being a writer – we’re inquisitive sorts – they aren’t very conducive for getting things done. The only problem is ‘getting things done’ slams down other words in my mind, which are:

Get Organised

And every little last atom inside me goes into quivering melt-down. Small steps needed, I think. But progress is being made, because I’ve booked time off work to really get the novel shipshape and ready for action. It’s almost ready to go. (And breathe, Jayne. Breathe.)

Are you good at organising your time?


T. Z. Wallace said...

I am quite good at PLANNING organization, but the execution of the plan is where things start to fall apart. Every night this week I had PLANNED to write from 9:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. Last night I did write (after much Facebooking, and checking out some blogs, and doing a mountain of laundry). Yep, I wrote for about 45 minutes.

Ahem, well, it IS something...right?

Old Kitty said...

Organizing Time!?!? Is that like one of these new fangled media degrees the daily mail likes to rant and rave about as "pc gone mad"?!?!


But I truly think there is NO EXCUSE for not looking groomed and fancy at all times ESPECIALLY when buying milk. :-)

Oh Jayne!! Good luck with getting your novel all shipshape and equally as groomed and fancy!! Yay for you!!!! Am sending tons of positive vibes and mega support your way!!!

Take care

Laura Marcella said...

Sometimes the hardest part is the action of sitting down to do it! It's funny how that is. Once I get my butt in chair it usually goes pretty well.

Good luck with your novel, Jayne!

Zara said...

I see that I am not unique in this... a slight relief ;) There is always a whirlpool of things to do and to remember to do, and a lot of pending activities. And considering that I hate being in a hurry... :)
But I find it helpful to make guiding notes on my upcoming tasks, and then, one thing at a time, everything is being done safely.
I really see, this keep-calm-and-do-stuff is a little trick to stretch out time and fit essentially more into 24:)

Debbie said...

Usually I am. I've planned to write approx 10,000 words in the next 5 days to finish my current WIP. I have days off too. I really, really, really want to do this. I say to myself, it's only 2,000 words a day, but.. No. We can do this. Let's get that book written.

snafu said...

Time management was never one of my strong points and now I have sacked work, there are still too few hours in the day. I think Marmite dipped in Syrup is a non starter:{

Mise said...

Me, I get stuck wondering whether someone who has hypochondria is right that they are unwell, as hypochondria is an illness, and therefore they don't have hypochondria at all. Thank heavens I don't have to write or pinpoint the Masters of the Universe on top of all that.

mshatch said...

sometimes yes, sometimes not so much, especially when I get sidetracked which usually happens when I'm looking something up (research) but then discover something else I simply must know more about. Sometimes I wonder exactly how much useless information is in my head?

oh, and I am in complete favor of more time.

Christine Rains said...

I've learned to be better at organizing my time. I have only a few hours to myself a day if I'm lucky. Time is precious and scheduling really does help.

Out on the prairie said...

I often run out of time when I am having fun.

Maggie May said...

No, not these days! But then I'm retired & look back on my working days with amazement. How did I find the time?
Time takes on another dimension as one ages and its difficult to multi task and so easy to get distracted and leave things till tomorrow, which almost always never comes!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Happy Frog and I said...

I'm very organised at work but not so much in my own time. I really do try but time just escapes me so very often. Love the selection of thoughts that can take up your time, they did make me smile. :)

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Like T.Z. Said (and several others) , it's not the planning that's so hard, it's the execution. I have wonderful "to do" lists. I'm actually getting better. Like Laura said, it's the sitting down thing. Once I'm in the chair, I'm on my way. It's the initial getting into the chair that I dawdle over.

Good luck with your novel, Jayne. I'm so glad you are almost ready to send it out.

A.M. Swan said...

Hi Jayne,
Long time not talk. Great to hear you are getting ready to query. I have had some good luck lately - which I may or may not post about soon. But I have tagged you in aLucky 7 meme - check it out and maybe it will bring you good luck.

Máire Rua said...

Hi Jayne ...I try so hard to manage my time but often run out of hours! Probably spend so much time writing 'to do' lists. Have been enjoying catching up blogs today reading mostly and I loved your Herman Cake post ... made one some time ago (when I had time and wanted to share the gift of friendship!) It was fun but a big responsibility too!

Carole Anne Carr said...

Hi Jane, I've tagged you in the Lucky 7 Meme, rules on my blog if you would like to join in. :0)

Claudette Anne Pearson said...

Kind of good at organising my time, but get a bit side-tracked. I blame the kettle and the fridge:))

D.J. Kirkby said...

I am super good at organising my time! The answer to your 3rd question is no btw. x

L.A Speedwing said...

this post is witty, as usual.

Dolly said...

Way too organised I am :)

And very very good, excellent, at finding things to do which put off picking up a pencil or paintbrush & attacking an art project. Even hoovering can be preferable at times.

Napoleon Solo and Hans Solo being related that way. Very funny! X

Jane said...

Here's a thang. I once spent a week in the backarse of nowhere on an Arvon writing course. And realised that because I didn't have to wash, cook, pick up things, or remember random shite like where someone had put something and why didn't I remember - I suddenly had hours to write. HOURS.

So now when I have a stinky deadline as I do now - everything goes to pot.

As for looking groomed, at the moment I look like Catweazel's granny.