Friday, 23 May 2008

Chocolate – fuel of freelancers

‘Why are we going down the home-baking aisle?’ asked John, as I headed off past the eggs with a determined glint in my eye yesterday evening.

‘I might do some… um… baking... cooking things,’ I replied distractedly, scanning the shelves before my heart lit up. There.

‘Baking?’ John eyed me warily. ‘Remember the cheesecake?’

‘This is different,’ I informed him, and quickly put the little bag of chocolate-y goodness in the trolley. As indeed it was different. I was not going to cook and destroy these little chips of chocolate, but instead pour them down my throat as a delicious afternoon snack.

Don’t look at me like that! I only had a carrot for lunch – honest!

There is nothing that sharpens the concentration more than a nice chunk of chocolate in the afternoon, and at the moment milk chocolate chips are succeeding nicely on all fronts – substantial, satisfying, and calorie-free – well, at least the packet doesn’t mention any. Hoorah.

And now back to it… the one thing I find working from home is that you get none of that sensation of an upcoming well-earned day off – eg a bank holiday. I do miss that feeling – to me every day is a potential work day, and it is so easy to sidle into the spare room / office to switch on and start up again be it midnight, or Sunday mornings. ‘Turn me on,’ the computer seems to silently say. ‘You can play music and films on me – I can be ever so fun!’ It has me over a barrel, really.

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