Monday, 5 May 2008

Out of practice

Mass apologies for being AWOL – I guess in real life I am not doing anything creative at the minute, and the strain is telling on me! Four more days left, and then I have earned enough to give myself a month’s grace (poss two month’s if go back to the value baked beans) in order to edit the book.

Oh get me to Friday quick – bless the lovely job (and it is lovely – nice people, nice area, nice all around) but it’s so far from writing that I find poems are breaking out from me left, right and centre – which is a bad, bad sign. Nothing worse than trying to concentrate on Excel with a mad sonnet à la Dr Seuss running through your mind:

Do you like green Excel and spam?
I do not like them, Work-I-Am
I do not like them adding up
I do not like them with a coffee cup
I do not like them adding down
I sit there with a mighty frown
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
Do you like green Excel and spam?
I do not like them, Work-I-Am

I read through the novel this weekend and the good thing is I still really like it. I have started daydreaming about the characters again, which is great, as all through this working malarkey I have put them to the back of my mind, really. But now I cannot wait to get cracking and editing – there is a good story there, under my sometimes wibbling tenses. There is also a… well, I am hesitant to say a sequel, (perhaps prequel?) but there is definitely another story I have been thinking about that is connected with these characters. I find my thoughts linger upon it unasked on train / tube journeys - always a good sign with me!

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