Monday, 20 April 2009

Catch Up

Time is flying. Suddenly my life is on fast forward, and I am running flat out at the horizon trying to keep up, saddled with wild hair and a misshapen tote bag.

I really have to stop my love affair with my canvas tote bag – the problem is it really does fit everything in. I could take the kitchen sink, the plumbing, and a small bewildered tabby cat to work in it. This knowledge comes at a price – the price being that everywhere I go I look like I am about to buy potatoes. Today it sported a bottle of water, two books, a shawl, a jumper (you never know with the air-con in a new company), a tree’s worth of paper to absorb, a bagel, a banana, and a shiny pen. I no doubt looked like I was transporting my home across town, rather than starting my new job.

Yes – new job started today, and everything about it seems really nice. We shall see as time goes on, but there is plenty for me to get stuck into, and it should (if I squint, and get super organised) give me time enough for the book. Something about new places really foxes me though – put me in front of a computer and I am as happy as Larry, send me to the water cooler and I will act as if I have never seen technology before in my life, let alone a tap. Admittedly this wasn’t an obvious water cooler, but even the coffee machine looked scary. It’s the sort of place where I end up filling a large mug with a squirt of coffee, and then have to act as if I really like espresso’s for the rest of my time there.

Last job is still being wonderful, as one of the people I worked with wanted me to write the copy for her website, and that was a nice assignment. She was really pleased with what I did, so that made me happy – and of course, any chance to do some published writing always goes down a treat.

And now for bed, and early start! Goodnight!


music obsessive said...

Good to see you back and happily ensconced at a new job. I always avoid coffee machines and still go out to buy overpriced coffee from retail outlets, a dreadful waste, but saves me having to get it wrong again!

Jayne said...

Ah thanks! New job seems very nice indeed - have been taken out to lunch twice, and that is just in first week! And glad to know it is not just me with these coffee machines. Someone did demonstrate it the other day - they showed me where the sachet goes, and how to program it. I nodded sagely all the while thinking stick with the kettle, stick with the kettle...