Friday, 3 April 2009

Off on my hols

Off to Italy tomorrow! I am very excited, even if I cannot keep my eyes open a second longer to pack. Half my clothes are still scattered on the floor. I am doing the sort of tired packing which, when my suitcase is opened later in a smart holiday destination, will reveal a snorkel, flourescent cycling shorts, a fleece jumper and a sparkly snood.

And I think I have packed too much - after all, it's only a week, right? J will have one rucksack, and I (so far) have accumulated five bags, including a small suitcase. It's a good thing we are driving, as at least I can stuff bags in around the sides. At least that is my plan. Not sure what J's is, but I doubt it involves driving off into the sunset with a car packed full of shoes.

But I really have to down tools now, and get myself to bed. We're off at six tomorrow morning, so I shall bid you all a fond farewell - have a lovely week, and will report in when I get back!


Aspiring Writer said...

Oh, you lucky thing! Have a wonderful holiday. Don't bring too much back. It won't fit! :)

Ben said...

Bit nervous having just seen the first line of your post and the headlines all day. Really hope you're okay.

Rose said...

hope you have/ had a wonderful time

italy is probably my most favourite place of all- well so far (other than London which doesn't count)

enjoy much pasta, ice cream and wine

Jayne said...

Hi Joanne! I was very good and only brought home olive oil and wine ;)

Jayne said...

Hi Ben - thanks so much for thinking of me. We spent much of that day answering concerned texts - nice to know people care.

Jayne said...

Hi Rose - yes, pasta, wine and gorgeous chocolate icecream was greatly enjoyed! And so was Nutella... think I've found another choc addication. Damn!