Monday, 18 May 2009

Bits and pieces

Monday sometimes springs upon me like a tiger, with me the unwary dewy-eyed doe having a quiet drink at the water-hole. Today I have managed to get to work minus my swiper and the loose pages of chapter five. The swiper calamity means I have to knock on doors every time I want to go to the toilet (please miss, can I…), and the pages of novel mean I cannot do any writing at lunchtime. I don’t feel like me without carrying them around! Oh well, perhaps I can cope for a day.

I forgot my card pin number the other day. It was the same number arrangement I have used for two years, and yet for some reason the sequence of numbers went completely out of my mind. I tried three times in desperation, and of course the card locked as a security measure, so now I am waiting for a new pin. I went in the bank to draw some money out, and managed to feel so guilty, like I was clearing some poor soul’s account. I had to keep checking my handbag to make sure the word ‘swag’ wasn’t printed on it in clear letters. And now paying by cash for everything is making me wince - £44 went out the window this morning for the weekly travel. Look at the pretty purple notes go.

Weekend was spent with good friend S, and good friend S’s new little baby. Aw. Possibly one of the cutest babies ever, although there were a few questions to fend off about marriage (are you and J thinking of…? when will you and J…?) and babies (when are you thinking of…?). Managed to duck out of all such grown up questions about my future, and instead shared my vision of the Grand Plan (write book, make book readable, send book off, um…) Sometimes I think I make it sound like I am teetering on the edge of good fortune, in which case everyone starts congratulating me and I panic that I have made things sound too good when in fact nothing is happening. Sometimes it feels more like I have done some crayoning and am proud the finished result is stuck to my mum’s fridge, in which case people look at me with pity in their eyes and enthuse about how my full time job sounds so good.

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