Friday, 31 July 2009

Children’s Book Month – August 2009

Back in 2007 I decided that August would be Children’s Book Month, and enjoyed revisiting favourite authors and illustrators of my childhood. It seems I wasn’t the only one – a lot of people come to my blog searching for Jill Barklem, creator of Brambley Hedge, and for more information on characters like Roger Red Hat.

This August I am returning to the idea with a wealth of authors and illustrators that made my day as a child, and that still thrill me as an adult. I’ve also put a hopefully handy link on the side of this blog so you can find all the previous entries for Children’s Book Month, people such as Enid Blyton, Joyce Lankaster Brisley, Tracker books, and C S Lewis. But what fantastic people shall I write about this time? You’ll have to wait and see…

I will still keep you updated on any novel news (ho-ho), and anything else that pops up that strikes me as rather exciting. I do think I may have to change my profile though – it says I am hopeful to send the first three chapters away in August, and I just don’t think that will happen, unless a miracle takes place. I am basically on chapter seven, with tiny revisions to be done to chapters 4 – 6. I have a week off work coming up so will frantically attempt The Big Push – but even with superhuman editing powers I don’t think I will get beyond chapter ten. It’s not even halfway! Dearie me. Anyhow, I shall do my best.

I shall leave you with a small funny, entitled How Not to Start the Working Week. I managed to mishear ‘courgette’ for ‘croissant’ when someone came in the office offering some from their garden, and said yes eagerly – far too eagerly – green veggies don’t usually provoke such excitement at 9am on a Monday morning. I was so surprised when I opened the bag and saw courgettes, and just said ‘wow courgettes’ in a small voice, trying to distract from the fact I was practically leaping from my seat in excitement a minute beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, am very happy with home grown veg, but I spent the rest of the day in mourning for the Croissant That Never Was.

Now my boss surely thinks I am the sort of person that gets inexplicitly excited by vegetables. I obviously need a holiday.

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