Thursday, 12 November 2009

Scrabble of Doom Strikes Again

As a writer, you’d think I’d be a shoo-in for winning at Scrabble. You’d imagine I’d be able to think up all sorts of clever winning words, and walk off smugly with triple word scores dripping from every tile. I’d throw words such as ‘quixotry’ into the mix with ease. I’d even know what they’d mean, being the visionary that I am.

So why when playing a game, can I only spell the word ‘suds’? I am hopeless at scrabble. Hopeless. The game generally goes like this…

Pause as me and J pick tiles. Silence as we think.
Me: Ooo. If I had an ‘E’ I could have spelt ‘exit’.
J: Do you have an ‘E’?
Me: No…
J: Do you have an ‘X’?
Me: No…
More pause for thinking. J meanwhile has laid down ‘qualm’ and won himself 40 points.
I lean over to look at his word. Look back at my letters.

Me: Is MIT a word?
I show my tiles to J. He considers for two seconds, and reconstructs my tiles into a word.
Me: Ooo ‘acquit’! Funny, I was just thinking of that.
I lay down word, win 60 points.

Somehow I always win the game between me and J…

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Kit Courteney said...

This is me!

I am pants at Scrabble. I get excited if I can lay down: WALK

Well, it has FOUR letters!

And that's better than my usual three.

I have a friend who is as thick as shite - no formal qualifications, CANNOT spell for toffee, reads books with pictures in them... but the bugger always, ALWAYS lays down the most amazing words.

And wins :0(

Jayne said...

I am glad it is not just me! I am always very enthusiastic but utterly hopeless when it comes to Scrabble.