Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Being a grump

Ye Gods, am I grumpy today. Nothing at all has gone right – I have spent all day waiting for a new upgraded phone from Orange, in the hope that the next one won’t constantly unlock itself in my bag and gleefully send blank texts to everyone in my phone book beginning with ‘A’. Needless to say no phone has appeared, yet here I have sat, waiting faithfully, if somewhat fretfully as the day has gone on.

Although, of course, it is not like I had to take a day off work to wait for them, now that would be hugely annoying, and I would hope at the very least heads would roll somewhere in Orange HQ. But I have had to keep pulling back from interesting Chapter 3 developments to check the time, look out the window and wonder where on earth where these phone deliverers, which sort of stops the flow, and I gave up entirely at one point to mooch around the flat, which wasn’t exactly productive. I called Orange but after finally pressing 4, 2, 1, 1 and whatever else combination of numbers that get me through to a real, live, slightly bored sounding person, the best they could tell me was to call back after 6pm and they would try and track down my phone. Well, ta for that, nice to know they are on the ball.

And it has been freezing today! Honestly, I sit here in a t-shirt and a jumper, track bottoms and long socks (not glamorous stuff this), and wonder what else to put on. By the time it comes around to proper winter I will be writing from under a pile of blankets, wearing every item I own. Yet I know that this is some odd quirk of mine, as J will quite happily saunter around in normal summer attire whilst I hunt for gloves.

Writing wise, well, yesterday was better than today I have to admit. And tomorrow I am away all day and all evening, which leaves me Thursday to fling some words at the computer in time for my Friday deadline. And now (glances at time and sighs) would be the time I feel most like cracking on, when I said I would cook dinner tonight… Why is it I feel most inspired when I have to push off and do something else?


music obsessive said...

Cold?? What is it with women and cold - I think there must be a design fault somewhere. Anyway it made me laugh as I recognise the symptoms - my other half barely undresses for bed. By the way, I liked your first line. Mine came to me quite quickly so I didn't mess with it (he says with unbearable smugness). Now you've got to worry about the last line! That was more difficult.

Jayne said...

Oh, you are definitely allowed to be smug, you proper author you! I am very glad you like it though, nice to hear. Gives me confidence!

As for it being like the Arctic, y'see I think women are just more sensitive so they feel the cold.... hahaha! Nah, design fault, I agree.