Friday, 21 September 2007

More bloody details

I originally had my characters (Florence and Arthur) down to be from a small village in Cambridgeshire ‘Sussex’, when it is actually ‘Suffolk’ (Sussex being a fair distance away in the wrong direction). I originally wanted them to go to a London theatre for their honeymoon in 1941, only to discover that most of London was being blitzed up to May 1941 so why would any sane person go into town if they didn’t need to be there? And they could have got married later, but in the war why would you wait? And they couldn’t have got married sooner, as Florence only reached 18 in 1941. *headsdesk*

I have to remember this isn’t important – this is not a war story, and doesn’t need to be so involved on that part… oh hang on, later I want them to get a train in to London for the Coronation, so that means they live… *consults google map*. Pants. Big fat shiny pants, I think they will have to live closer in, but then, but then… *consults google map again*.

Sod this for a game of soldiers, I am going to go yoga and buy a ton of post-it notes, that should help me solve what is supposed to be going on around this story!

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