Tuesday, 20 November 2007


This is something that is driving me mad, and perhaps you can help me. Have a look at my little picture below – does that arched wall thing that my arrows point to have a real name?

It’s like a stone arched border/edging around a patio, but I am sure it has a proper architectural term for it, as opposed to me fudging around with arched balcony wall thing. I've been searching for this for ages, and it is beginning to send me loopy. Please forgive the bad illustration – but hey, I threw in a few potted plants!

Yours hopefully,


Rhysickle said...


Jayne Ferst said...

Oh thank you so much!

And I hope your novel for NANOWRIMO is going well!

idil o. calvero said...

hey :)
"as far as i know" we call it archway. but it also looks like an arcade or a cloister (it depends actually)...(well there are also versions called portico, colonnade, etc...) balustrade is sth else "in my opinion"... (mostly used for the thing adjusted to the staircase..)

have fun!

Jayne Ferst said...

Hello! Thanks for those suggestions, I'll look into them all to see what seems most suitable. Everything is helpful, considering I know nothing about architecture! Hope you are well :)