Sunday, 18 November 2007

Which car?

People keep asking me when I am going to get a car. ‘Oh you don’t want to leave it too long’, is the general consensus, I hear this so much that I now expect wizened old crones to sidle up to me when out shopping, hissing it out of the corner of frail mouths, perhaps battering me on the leg with a walking stick.

Of course, the reason I am leaving it is as I have no money in the budget for a car, and buying one now seems a little foolhardy. But I do see the wisdom of ‘keeping my eye in’ driving wise, I took J’s car out for a small run the other day and it was frankly terrifying. It was the first time I had driven since passing my test in September, and I scraped his wheel when parking (cue long examination of wheel) – we eventually decided it would be good for me to get my own car to scrape. And possibly sooner rather than later, so I can get used to it all over again.

Everyone keeps telling me (again) that I should go for some practical little car as I will crash it (it’s a given, apparently, with first time drivers) and mention words like Fiesta and Honda. A nice bog standard sort of car, economical, easy to run... boring, dull… Personally, I have always loved VW Camper vans, Morris Minor Travellers – cars with a bit of character to them. These are the sort of things I dreamt about when I imagined being a driver, not a Fiesta. But I agreed with everyone, somewhat reluctantly, thinking it made sense. I scoured Loot wondering what I should be looking at; they all look the same, these little practical cars…

And then I went on eBay.

Ooo… See, J is rather nifty with cars, especially older types with less electrical innards. And he thinks there is nothing wrong with me getting an older car if he can fix it and I can drive it, he just thinks if I crash it so what, get another! (I wanted to remind him of the Wheel Episode at this point, but decided it went against the moment). Well, the imagination just soared… Picnic baskets, driver's gloves, perhaps scarf for hair – oh, practicality and budget went flying out the (split-screen, original fittings) window.

The result is I think I might be getting an MGB GT.

It is so not practical, it is a two-seater, it won’t have power steering – but it is gorgeous, it is what I would pay for a car anyway, and it might be exempt from tax. Nothing is decided or bid upon yet, but we have a couple to go and see and J knows what to look out for. I dunno though, it is really a silly idea? The only problem is I think I have fallen in love with these cars!


Jayne Ferst said...

Update - nah, it's not happening. Everyone pulled a face of shock and the thought of driving a gorgeous old car back from its Hampshire garage or something to park it on the road outside my flat makes me feel a bit queasy. Also they go for about £1500, which is a bit more than I can afford at present. So... anyone got a practical boring car they want to sell for around the £800 mark? *sighs, opens Loot*

musicobsessive said...

Phew!! I know it's not what you want to hear but believe me, it's for the best. MGBs are not first cars. They NEVER start when it's cold...or wet, or at all really. If it's a soft top it'll get slashed and the steering is so heavy it is virtually unparkable. Add to that the endless engine tuning and anti-rust maintenance and you get the picture. I wasn't going to say anything as you had obviously set your heart on one, but I think you've made the right decision!!

Jayne Ferst said...

Oh cheers, and thanks for letting me know your thoughts on those type of cars. I think I got a bit carried away with the idea of it, and I do really like them, but maybe if I am lucky it's one to think about in the future, not for a first car. And all that you say there sounds like I would need to seriously think about it anyway, as much as I love old cars, I think reliability is key! *Looks at Loot with more happiness* :)