Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Music to Write the Words Going By

For some reason, I seem to like working to certain songs on repeat. I listen to them pretty much 20 or 30 times a day, and then a new song is ‘the one’ and I listen to that forever and a day instead. Such as Chapter 13 (and I am pleased, so pleased to report that it is finished!) was written mainly by the help of Take That.

This is quite a confession… You see, I was never a ‘Thatter’. They came on the scene just when I grew out of boy bands and was about to plunge headlong into grunge. My boy band (as everyone has one lurking in the music closet, or the girl band equivalent) was New Kids on the Block. Now I have said that publicly, can anyone point me the way to the virtual stocks? I thank you.

However, it appears the sneaky under-the-radar subliminal advertising on the television is more influential than one would think. All Christmas I have been inadvertently bumping into the Morrison’s advert using the Take That song ‘Shine’. It didn’t make much of an impression, until last week I suddenly I had to find it on youtube and listen a gadzillion times while writing Chapter 13. Why is that? Does it mean that after 20 or so listens, you will like the song no matter what? Is it because it sounds a smidgeon like ELO’s Mr Blue Sky? Perhaps it is just a really well crafted song? Who knows – but there I was, listening to Shine, being all inspired.

Then last night whilst flicking channels I came across the Pet Shop Boys ‘What Have I Done to Deserve This?’ and enjoyed it, thinking I hadn’t heard that for a while. I get up today, click open the novel... and suddenly need to find that song on youtube and listen to that all day instead. I seem to listen, do a page, listen again, do another page… Bizarre.

Now I find myself sitting down and humming U2’s ‘Vertigo’. I was humming this when aiming things at the sink... erm, I mean 'washing up' earlier. This is how the madness starts, you know. I have already found it on youtube and listened to it four times. Whoops, five. *clicks open chapter 14*


musicobsessive said...

Welcome! You are well on the way to becoming a fully fledged first order Music Obsessive. You just need to buy them all on pink vinyl now and you're in.

The thing about Take That is that they do kind of sneak up on you. I own none of their stuff, past or present...except I downloaded 'Patience' which is probably one of the most well-written songs of all time. And I don't mind admitting it. The fat boy done good!

The trouble is, there are others so beware!

Ben said...

All it took me a few months ago was the news that Portishead are releasing a new album in March to put on their first album out of nostalgia. About an hour later, I was leaping about my room, suddenly 17 again, listening to music I'd not heard in ten years.

Not so long before that I too was dancing about with my friend in her room to her Take That CD. I was certainly never a Take That fan when they were first around either, mostly out of a cunning survival technique I worked out for myself whilst at an all-boy's school.

Go Go Fourteen!

Jayne Ferst said...

Ah - is that how it starts?! I have a few picture discs - do they count towards the obsessive title? One isn't even music at all - it is a series of interviews The Beatles did in 1964... any good? I'd be quite proud of having a fledgling Music Obsessive title!

The fat boy done good - haha! Yes indeed. I admit a liking for Back for Good as well while we are here. Just a small liking, nothing fatal, thankfully.

Jayne Ferst said...

A cunning survival technique - hahaha. Gosh, yes. But Portishead! Beautiful music... just ran to youtube to get reaquainted. Of course, it doesn't take much seemingly to make me run to youtube.. but Glory Box was well worth it.

Yay fourteen! How's your masterpiece coming along?

musicobsessive said...

Hmm..Glory Box. It was my 'song of the year' in 1994 based entirely on the 'Later with JH' performance which was just mind-blowing (it's on YouTube).

Must go and play it again.