Thursday, 17 January 2008


The music madness continued today, and culminated in a grand soloist performance movie-clip by yours truly to her camera. This is what happens when you work by yourself for a long period of time – the possibilities for amusement are endless. Somehow I have also convinced myself I can sing somewhere down the line.

Rest assured, my little movie-clip is not likely to assault your ears on youtube anytime soon, although I honestly think I would make a good Nancy, should the part in Oliver ever skip down my street and beseech me to tread the stage. This is highly unlikely; the last time I did any ‘acting’ I played the donkey narrator of the Christmas Nativity in junior school. Stop sniggering at the back there! It was a highly important part, with a costume made of a short grey jersey and a pair of tights. I’m not totally sure that would be allowed in this day and age…

Although I am so geared for chapter 14, I have had to cease work on the novel and do some real work – most of which involves research – hence having music on very loud and singing whilst working. Favourite songs to sing so far have been numbers from the musical Oliver!, 'What’s Up' by Four Non-Blondes, 'Poison' by Alice Cooper, 'The Clapping Song' by Shirley Ellis, and 'Robert De Niro’s Waiting' by Bananarama. Did I tell you I interviewed Keren from Bananarama a few years back? She told me that they only met Robert De Niro once but they were all really shy – aww! Not still waiting then, sadly.

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