Friday, 14 March 2008

The End

I typed those words nearly an hour ago, oh my God, I’m in shock! I just celebrated with a cup of tea and a slice of toast (dinner) – hahaha, am all out of champagne, although I could probably crack open the random bottle of real ale we have had in the cupboard since Christmas. However, I value my head, so think will leave that to the more hardcore of the household.

I didn’t shout eureka or anything like I thought I might do. Instead, I walked away from the computer (first pressing save, oh yes), and sat watching a bit of comedy on the television, munching my toast. I did skip merrily over to the big heater though to recklessly switch it on – why not?! Let there be heat! And now I have just finished reading back the last three chapters to see what they scanned like, before emailing it over to project manager friend C, who will no doubt drop her lap top in alarm when she gets her 'new mail' icon flashes.

Stats for you:
Chapters: 22 (yup, always one more than I thought there was going to be!)
Word count: 104.551
Time spent: Approx five months (discounting December, as really did nothing that month!)

Blimey… I really want to print it all out now, and see the full extent of my labour. I feel a bit giddy to be honest, I’ve finished!! Of course, now comes the editing, adding, subtracting, pruning part of it – but hooray!


musicobsessive said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And 104,551 words too - I only managed a measley 85,000 odd.
Now, whatever happens you will have a completed manuscript to wave at people and say 'I wrote this!'
Can't wait to buy it!

idil o. calvero said...

my eureka would be a capslock "yes" i think.
i can't wait to buy it either :)
so, don't get lost while editing!
congrats :)

Jayne Ferst said...

Thanks so much for the congratulations! I printed it out the other night and it is a rather weighty tome, although whether it is a *good* weighty tome remains to be seen!