Thursday, 27 March 2008

Or let Editing pause

Since submerging myself again in the real working world, the most taxing thing I have managed in the evening so far is cooking dinner, or at least assembling things in a bowl. Poor J - he is flat out with a new job as well, so we have been very much like ships that pass in the night recently, especially as his new role is based way out in the sticks. Oh well, I guess it has only been three days of me in the RWW after all, and in one of those I fitted in an evening meeting connected to books, so perhaps I am being a bit too hard on myself.

One thing I have noticed about writing a novel is quite a few people now want me to collaborate with them on book ideas. All start-up novelists if you like, no one officially published anywhere, but suddenly they all want me… which is nice of course, and also a little worrying as I am not sure how many ‘unpaid’ projects I can commit myself to without running off to eek in a corner somewhere. Let’s see – at the moment, I am (allegedly):

- editing my novel (which is spread across the table and has been sadly ignored the last few days)

- designing and building a website for friend P (and teaching myself Dreamweaver in the process)

- working with friend J on a factual book idea (only research bits and bobs for now)

- subbing/editing T’s factual book and possibly working further with her (not started yet, just said I would last night…)

Yet there are only so many hours in the day, especially when you need to earn a wage. Main importance of everything is of course my novel, oh how I look longingly at it as I flit by on the way to the train at 7.15! Soon I tell it. Saturday is looking good…

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