Thursday, 23 October 2008

Curse that Meddling Credit Crunch

I’ve become a victim of something that sounds like a cheap healthy cereal – sadly been made redundant. Agh!

How can one person be so oblivious yet observant at the same time? Ever since I joined this company in July, there have been group emails doing the rounds seemingly every week. They have all been the sort that say ‘so and so is sad they didn’t get to say goodbye but they hope everyone except the boss will come for a last pint of ale at the Boozer’s Tavern next door’. I didn’t really pay it much attention, as people slunk out the office door with all their possessions (herbal tea bags, high heels, company pencil and pack of mint tic-tacs) in a cardboard box. It just didn’t occur to me that it would be redundancy that would get me out of the door; I thought the dodgy coffee would get me first.

But it appears cut backs are in order, and it has now reached my department. Last in (me) means first out (cunningly one day before my probation period ends), and sadly that is that!

Or be it so sad…? The people were nice although I hardly knew them, but the job itself, well, it was boring me to tears. The problem was, as you all know, I was in a rush to find anything back in July to get me out of the money pit, and I chose that job as it was easy to do, and they were quick to employ. Foolish me – it was so easy that my brain was melting. It wasn’t challenging in the slightest, and while it may have eventually had potential, it’s not the end of the world at all. At least I am back living with my mum and not paying any (major) bills!

So I am dusting down the CV and I am determined to find a job that is interesting. I also plan to use this time to crack on with the novel polishing and rewrites – in a weird way this has come at a great time for me, as I really needed more time on the book! The world moves in mysterious ways, is all I can say…


Rose said...

sorry to hear about this but as you say the world does move in mysterious ways and hopefully this will give you the time you need for the book.

musicobsessive said...

Poor you! This is terrible, but not unusual - it's happening everywhere including where I work but so far I've been safe *crosses fingers*.

On a more selfish note, it does mean that the moment I click 'buy' on Amazon will come that much sooner - so go to it!

Dustin Ashley Beam said...

I stumbled upon this blog... I am sorry about the job thing... However, I am quite interested in both your personal story and the fictitious one that is forthcoming. I, too, am starting writing a novel that started small and just keeps growing and would love to chit chat about our works. PLease let me know if this is of interest to you and feel free to check out my blog, as I have looked at yours. :-)

By Tina-Sue Ducross said...

Hi Jayne,

Just dropping by to say I really enjoy your lovely blog and thank-you for coming by Authors Promoting Authors.

Jayne said...

Hello Rose, thanks and here's hoping! This week has mainly been spent giving the CV a final polish - I am hoping that I will organise myself to do the same with the novel!


Hi Martin - thanks for the encouragement! The funny thing is I had been watching people leave ever since I arrived, yet it foolishly never occured to me to think the job wasn't safe...


Hello Dustin, thanks for stopping by! I wish you luck and success in your novel-writing, I've found it's as much of a personal journey for the author as for the characters, and I hope it goes well for you. I shall indeed pop across to your blog - blogging is definitely the way forward for inspiration!


Hi Tina - very nice to hear you like it, and not a problem, APA is a very nice idea :)