Saturday, 18 October 2008

Stepping up a gear

I have to tell you this quickly, before it goes past midnight and today will be forever lost in tomorrow. But ever since Wednesday I have been poking and prodding the novel, wondering if perhaps it needs a change here and there. And joy of all joys, I can see how to improve it, it's like all is now clear? Strange feeling, but I feel like I am moving to the next stage with it - thank gawd for chats with friends, eh?!

So I have been using lunchtimes at work to sit in a little coffee shop around the corner, far from the milling tourists, and scribbling ideas down in my note pad. It's hard to leave your desk, sprint out of the office, buy something that warrents you sitting in the shop and then settle, open your pad and think right - go! But it has to be done - windows of opportunity have to be opened! Otherwise they remain shut, which is a bit hot and stuffy, especially when you live in the Sahara (aka my mum's house).

I have also been putting tonight to good use by cracking on with the new changes. I love them! I don't want to go to sleep! I think for sure this will be a good thing. The only problem is a lot now needs to change - whereas before this was a skinny novel that needed a few more pies, now I am stuffing in the steak and onions. Ye God, my analogies need work.


idil o. calvero said...

when i read this blog i just.. eh. never mind. i just love reading it. i wanna read your book. please make it published.

and: i am not crazy about this staff but, just in case

Jayne said...

Haha - what were you thinking?!!

Glad to hear you enjoy reading this - and believe me, I shall do my very best to get the book published - I shall tell agents I already have one international reader - they simply have to give me a go!

And thanks for that link - you do come up with gems, don't you? I shall keep it in mind if the traditional routes fail me - cheers!