Thursday, 4 December 2008

Bendy working practices

‘You should have a very flexible approach to work…’ says the form – my problem is I just read this as ‘bendy’. I have a very bendy approach to work. A very wiggly advance on employment.

Yes – I am still bobbing along (bobbing along) at the bottom of the beautiful briny sea of application forms. The places I am applying for all interview in January, but I really didn’t expect to get somewhere before Christmas, considering the various crunchy state of my chosen industry. I think they are all waiting to see what Santa brings them (Santa being the Financial Director of course).

The only problem with bobbing along (bobbing along) is that I should be full-speed ahead on the book, but every job application not only takes me ages, but takes my thought-process miles away from being creative. It’s all formal and grown up ways of expression, and although my book is not written in the style of lolcats (I can has novel?), it’s not written in the style of application forms either.

Oh well, the end is in sight with the current form so if I just stop thinking ‘wiggly’ when I see the word ‘flexible’ I shall get there. Let's end the post on a giggle...


Rose said...

I find it can be hard to put my head in a creative place- and when the creativity comes it's not always at a time when I can sit down and use it. I ended up putting a paragraph in my mobile yesterday because I had no where else to write and shouldn't have been doing it anyway!

Good luck with those apps. They are sooo boorrring aren't they. Just stupifyingly dull.

Jayne said...

That is so true - I have also used my mobile when caught short with no pen or paper, although I do try and remember to carry the latter around with me. I now usually end up with 3 pens and no paper.

Thanks for the good luck wishes - one application form has scored a goal (interview) so I am feeling a lot warmer to them now :)