Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Out and About

Hello! I'm writing this on my borrowed teeny tiny laptop in my hotel room, feeling rather swanky. New job seems like it will be alright - the people are nice, there are lots of us in the same position and we have all been treated very nicely for our first day. This sort of stage is all training anyway - so tea and biscuits, pens and notepads, and explanations and nodding - lots of nodding.

I ate dinner in the restaurant all by myself tonight. I felt rather decadent and had a small glass of red - this was rather ambitious considering the food poisoning incident just over a week ago, but I got a bit carried away in the moment. It was rather fun, but odd, eating by myself. The waiter first gestured to a table in the middle of the room, and I was like no ta, can I have that little one by the wall? He laughed and said no one wanted to eat in the middle of the room, and I looked around and there we all were, single business folk, all at tables for one hugging the walls. I took a book downstairs with me but it was actually hard to manage, eating and reading. I felt a bit wrong, like I was somehow being rude to my floral table arrangement.

I did go for a short walk outside (the hotel is very central) and felt like I had landed in a different planet.. All of a sudden I was crossing roads like the green cross code man taught me in juinor school, while locals sauntered past me no doubt thinking I was rather strange. It's being in a new place I think, its regressed me. And I am scared stiff I will be run over by a tram.

Right, I am signing off now. Best get some sleep! More from the front line tomorrow!


Rose said...

ooh sounds like you are being treated well. Am intrigued about where you are... hope it continues to go well Rx

Aspiring Writer said...

Hi Jayne, a lovely post.
I have nominated you for a bloggers Award. When you get a chance please pop over and pick up. Thanks.

Jayne said...

HiRose! I am being treated very well, it is all rather strange - not used to working for such nice people! Loving it all at the moment :)

And yes - where am I?! Maybe I need to post more clues...

Jayne said...

Hello AW! What a fab surprise! I have already been over to your lovely blog (quick - all of you over to Aspiring Writer's blog!) to say thank you, it really made my day. :)