Sunday, 1 March 2009

List of things to do on a grey Sunday

Read Sue Townsend’s ‘True Confessions of Adrian Mole’
Make porridge
Shower, put on colourful ‘it’s Sunday’ clothes, look like a children’s TV presenter
Do expenses and timesheet submitting
Download other job application onto memory stick to frown at in the week
Wash, iron and pack work clothes
Look up weather of city I’m working in (grey, rain, and somewhat worryingly – sleet)
Pack jumpers, scarf and gloves
Research train times for morning (must remember if have off-peak ticket to not get peak time train)
Set alarm clock even earlier as need to allow for buying (correct) tickets
Eat chocolate
Wish had more chocolate apart from small bag of Cadbury’s buttons
Mindlessly watch documentary on Prince Philip
Play with the cats
Give tabby-girl her flea treatment; she was ecstatic
Make ham and mustard sandwich
Text J
Tidy room so don’t come home to giant room mess
Charge ipod
Check emails
Eat dinner
Read You magazine supplement
Ignore the fact I should wash and straighten my hair (yawn)
Make hot chocolate
Poke at the biscuits in the barrel. All boring ones left.
Feel really guilty about hair
Wonder if it’s about the right time for a slice of Arctic Roll


Rose said...

gosh your Sunday was not unlike mine, without all the train times checking and with more nose blowing and watching of Ashes to Ashes episodes.
How much do I want some Arctic roll now? quite a lot. I didn't know you could still them.

Jayne said...

My Sunday's are usually always like this, also with less train-checking. What do you think of Ashes to Ashes? I loved Life on Mars, but the premise to me ended with that show, and taking it through to yet another person in a coma/back in time/mad just killed it for me, however much I liked the Gene genie!

And yes, Arctic roll is definitely out there. It tastes just like I remembered as well :)

Rose said...

Actually I love Ashes to Ashes but I think it's because of the tension between the Gene Genie and Alex- and the child of the 80s thing (although I was a month old or something when it's set).

I think I was prepared to not like it as much and so it surprised me. I think I am in the minority though.

I must find some arctic roll to eat while watching the new series

Jayne said...

Did you watch Life on Mars first? As I think if I hadn't seen LoM first, then I would have really liked Ashes to Ashes. It's not that I don't like it, as the music and clothes are fun to see, and Gene Hunt is a brilliant character. I guess to me it felt like the difference between reading a story on the first edit or the seventh. There were too many similarities with the premise of LoM for me to truly let go and enjoy A2A for what it was. Maybe I need to give it another chance some time... and yes, with some Arctic roll to hand (except that is really 70s... what is a true 80s dessert? Choc ice?)