Friday, 13 March 2009

If you were in a band…

…who would you be? Would you be the lead singer, the lead guitarist, the bass player or the drummer? Perhaps you would be a fancy sax blower, or a dancer like Bez (or perhaps a better dancer than Bez) or a keyboard player?

I am somehow of the opinion I would make a really good drummer. How have I come to this conclusion? It is because I tap with rhythm, I have decided. Just look at me keep time with Simple Minds as I tap my nails on my mouse (computer that is, not uninvited furry guests banqueting downstairs). Don’t You (tap-tap-tap) Forget About Me (tap-tap-tap-tappity-tap).
I am dang good at this. I am sure I would be equally good with drumsticks in hand and a loud noisy thing to whack repeatedly.

Or perhaps I would be the moody guitarist? Not the lead guitarist, as that would mean replacing the pads of my fingers with concrete reinforced slabs. But perhaps I would be the bass player and stand at the back and stare through my hair beyond the stage. I obviously wouldn’t be a star bass player like Mark King (Level 42) – I’d be more like Stuart Sutcliffe (The Beatles, once upon a time). Arty looking on the stage, and yet has to turn away a little to play the fiddly bits.

Or maybe I’d just leap around aka Pans People? I could do that. I have the hair for things like that – free-range, and non-conformist, in the fact it hates straighteners. I could easily prance and leap and interpret songs literally – I am just listening to Squeeze’s ‘Labelled with Love’ – oh yes, this would be easy – ‘winds up the clock and sweeps dust from the shelf’ – see me go! You can picture the routine already I am sure.

So what would you be? And… to do my little bit for Comic Relief - I am putting my real photo on Twitter and above just for today only. I am sponsoring myself to be brave and keep it on my blog / Twitter, and will donate a pound for every hour I leave it there. I know it’s only a pound, but I am truly skint so… pound it is. Will reveal grand total next time I post! Could be a whole 24 quid – gosh, what riches.

If you don't have your picture on your blog, why don't you do the same? *grins*


musicobsessive said...

Ooh, this is right up my street. And a question I have pondered many a time. For starters, singing's out (you'd know - I may post some of my songs one day so be afraid). Can't play keyboards to save my life. Drumming's far too energetic and I'm not really a compulsive tapper except when Weezer's 'Pork & Beans' is on. I do actually play the guitar but taking on lead guitar is far too scary. I'd be less of a Richie Blackmore and more of a Steve Hackett type player offering subtlety and mood as my tools of trade. I suppose I'm really a born bass player being essentialy laid back yet in control of harmony - that sounds like me (note to self - must learn to play bass).

Btw - you must keep your pic on this blog - it's so cute. But without the red nose...unless it really IS your nose, in which case (Oh God, stop digging).

Jayne said...

You should post your songs! And I love the description of being laid back yet in control of harmony... sounds a good balance to me.

And thanks so much! That is nice of you. It's gone for now though (as otherwise I'd have to pay a fortune to Comic Relief with my self-imposed pledge!), but I might become a bit more personable with this blog. I am getting to that stage book-wise where I should think about marketing in general... got a few ideas, and they all involve me coming out from behind the screen, so to speak. Oh to be brave... *g*

Aspiring Writer said...

Oh no! I'm terribly sad. I missed you. Perhaps next time. As always an enjoyable post with smiles.

Rose said...

I missed your picture but approve of all money giving to Comic Relief.

Well I love to sing- sometimes I do it well, sometimes not so much. I don't know if I'd like being the centre of attention singing though so I'd be a shy singer.

Jayne said...

Hi Joanne! Yes, it was a blink and you'll miss me sort of post, but it really did feel liberating have a pic of me on the blog - I felt more proper in a funny sort of way. I think I should try and be less shy in the future, so I am sure will stick the pic back at some point!

Jayne said...

Hi Rose! I had my pic up for 20 hours in the end, so £20 it was to Comic Relief. It felt quite nice to have a pic of me on the blog, like it was really my blog, in a funny sort of way. At the same time I like being annoymous, as you can be any voice in the crowd.

And you can be a shy singer! That would be perfect. Maybe we can all make a band :)

musicobsessive said...

Another thought - the pan's people angle got me thinking. See