Monday, 19 October 2009


I have been keeping a little tally of words that I nearly always get wrong when I attempt to spell them. It doesn’t matter how many times I use them, for some reason my fingers go to tap on a completely different key, and my pencil makes the same familiar mistakes.

Just for my own amusement – here is the word correctly spelt, and how I itch to spell it instead. Those marked in the red pen are correct!

Liaison – liason
Disease – desease
Privilege – Privilige
Rhyme - Ryhme
Rhythm - Rythem
Pseudonym - Pseudinum
Relevant – Relevent
Prejudice- Predijuce

What words do you constantly misspell, if any?


music obsessive said...

Haha! What is it with some words? I don't think I have ever spelt 'forward' correctly - it always comes out as 'foward'. Just as well spellcheck is on the ball.

The other one is 'separate' which has a tendancy to appear as 'seperate'.

What would we have done in the days of old fashioned typewriters? I really don't think typing the whole page again is me!

Eliza said...

I have to use spell check all the time - there are countless words I miss spell. I think I'm dyslexic!

Jayne said...

Hi Martin! Yes - 'separate' often comes out wrong for me too. Conscious and conscience often give me pause for thought too - although with stuff like that spellcheck is no good! I need a 'Jayne-check' on things.

Oh my gosh - typewriters! Oh that would have been tricky. Typewriters before tippex, even? Eek.

Jayne said...

Hello Eliza, and welcome! I agree, spellcheck is a goodly invention. Sometimes I think it is the way I pronounce words that leads me to misguided spelling - I think my ancesters would have been happy leaping around forests shouting 'AR!' at everything. I think I would be happier with that as well!

Kit Courteney said...

Oooh, Janye, lovley post.

*cough* Serious now...

I only have 2 that I can think of but I know damn well that there are more (millions more).


I only get these wrong when typing - but I usually get them wrong 99% of the time. I just don't know WHAT the heck is wrong with my brain/finger connection where these are concerned.

I'd say it was age, but I've been like this for years :0(

(The word verification thingy is biast!)

Jayne said...

Hi Kit! I quite like the spelling of 'hormoanes' - hormones do make people grumble quite a bit after all.

I have been hankering recently for a large dictionary... I still use my tiny abridged Oxford dictionary that I used at school, and find it hard to focus on the words! That is definitely age. :)

Rose said...

I have trouble with beautiful and business- I have to say b e a u tiful to myself and bus i ness.

Jayne said...

Hi Rose! I also say be-a-u-tiful to myself when I think no one can hear me. In the same manner I count with my fingers under the desk.

Kit Courteney said...

At school I was taught:



Do bees come from eggs? Does that make me sound thick?

I'll go now.

Law and Order said...

Rhythm and privilege are two of my bug bears.
Rhythmn and privelege. I need to do what you do. Write a list. I'm going to stick it on my wall in front of my laptop.

Jayne said...

Hi Kit! I still chant Never Eat Shredded Wheat to fix the points in the compass. Poor shredded wheat. What was so bad?

Hm... do bees come from eggs? I guess I thought bees mutate out of some sticky goo in their hive. You can tell I don't like to think about it too much!

Jayne said...

Hi Joanne! It's interesting the same words trip us up. I am also awful at spelling lieu (in lieu of something). I want to spell it 'leui'. Or 'leiu'. I need to say to myself 'lie-uuu' so I get it right!