Wednesday, 14 October 2009

You know the diet is bad when…

  1. You get really excited about finding a small mint sweet left over in your bag from a restaurant meal a few days ago
  2. Cups of tea are no longer just a pleasure, but a vital part of your daily existence
  3. Cuppa soups become a trading commodity
  4. The organic lemon, ginger and ginseng infusion tea bags grow dusty on your desk
  5. As does the large bottle of water
  6. You seriously consider eating a sugar sachet
  7. You would chummy up with anyone who has an open pack of biscuits on their desk

I'm not really on a diet, but today it really feels like it! Oh well, back to it my friends... *plunges back into real life*


Kit Courteney said...

Oh, I fancy a biccie now.

Rose said...

I had the tea thing last night watching Masterchef. Got in planning to eat left overs. Found house mate had already eaten them. Bad times. A bread roll and gazzillions of litres of earl grey followed. Milky tea is terribly filling thank goodness.

Law and Order said...

Hi Jayne,
Glad to see you're a normal writer/novelist. Right now I am eating a mint sweet that has been sitting in my drawer for...hmm, can't remember. It tastes okay. I'm only eating this because you mention it in your post. Happy writing.

Jayne said...

Hi Kit. I started the day with a chocolate croissant... this leads down a slippery sugary slope for the rest of the day, I fear - biccies included.

Jayne said...

Hi Rose. Oh no - planning to eat left overs is never the nicest anticipation, and then to find they were gone as well! At least you had milky tea and the vicarious thrills of Masterchef.

Jayne said...

Thanks Joanne, although I feel slightly bad I made you eat the mint sweet! Sometimes I search my draws at work to see if I have left a sweetie anywhere, completely forgetting it is against my sweet-loving nature to leave anything sugary unguarded for longer than 5 minutes.