Sunday, 27 December 2009

Lovely Christmas

Despite all my fears, Christmas was wonderful! Joy to the world! Here are my highlights from the last few days:

  • Seeing good friend A dash up the icy road (and keep her balance) on Christmas Eve so we could scurry into a church and sing carols. We sang very joyfully indeed, and being good, I did not sing the words ‘appeared a shining thong’ in 'While shepherd’s watched their flocks by night'.
  • Snuggling with J while watching Gremlins. Still pulling a face at the Gremlin exploding in the microwave.
  • Opening stocking presents with mum and a cup of tea, cats trying to get in on the action until I waved a satsuma in their direction.
  • More presents! Love presents.
  • Niece telling me The Beatles is now her favourite band while wearing Beatle t-shirt. Felt all proud.
  • Mum’s dinner, and her gorgeous sherry trifle.
  • Watching Doctor Who eye candy – David Tennant and John Simm.
  • Playing The Logo Board Game with family – brother picked a winner with the game to play this year (and brother won!).
  • Good friend I swooping down complete with cute reindeer hat and home-made flapjacks.
  • Going over to good friend C’s house, and a mad ten-minute present exchange.
  • Cracking open the bubbly. And the second bottle of bubbly.
  • Good friend C interpreting ‘we’re not that hungry’ to ‘bring us the sandwiches made of goose!’ – wonderful.
  • Boxing Day presents!
  • Sherry with lovely dinner. More sherry in trifle. Small glass of sherry just in case sherry top-up is needed.
  • Snoozing through the film taped from Christmas day, High Society.
  • House to myself, turkey sandwiches, new Christmas PJ’s and snuggy slippers, cats on lap, Morecambe and Wise Christmas special from 1973 on the telly. Bliss. Bring me sunshine…

*skips off doing the dance*


Rose said...

really pleased it went so well- I enjoyed reading the highlights. Morcambe and Wise just make it don't they.

Tv wise for some reason I have a real thing about 101 Dalmations at Christmas- the film one although I love the animation too but it's never on. Anyway it was on yesterday afternoon which was a wonder. I watched enthralled like a child. I'm not sure what it is about that story but it gets me every time.

Jayne said...

Oh they totally make it! Even just listening to their voices is very comforting, somehow. I still enjoy the trick Morecambe does with the paper bag. And giggle out-loud often.

I did see 101 Dalmations was on, and I missed it! I have not seen the film version, but as I like the animation so much, I probably should try and watch it sometime. Next Christmas!