Wednesday, 6 January 2010


And so a brand new year, and a brand new decade has begun, complete with a winter wardrobe of white. I have also decided to change the scenery, and have agreed to house and cat sit for a friend’s parents for a month while they are away. Luckily I got settled in before the snow, and am now blissfully enjoying my own space. No longer will I feel like a crazy person if I want to write in the middle of the night, or from 6am, or anytime I want!

I have been left with enough food and drink to stock a small but sturdy army, there is chocolate to be found most everywhere I look, and am already old friends with the cat. I have also worked out the various heaters, although my slight OCD is in full force with the bar fire in the main room – is it off? Is it? Shall I check again 10 minutes later? And again? I also brought my hard drive and printer across (I really should get a lap top one of these days!), and now have a little home office sorted. It is really nice here, a time to breathe, and to step out of the normal routine.

The plan now is of course full speed on the writing. Through various reasons, I haven’t managed any more on the novel since December 29th, so now I have to pick it back up again, keep calm, and carry on. There is still normal work to fit in around that, but now I can come home and write all the time without my mum’s suspicions of what I am doing. In her world, (think Daily Mail, sadly), the Internet is where people go to talk seedy in chat rooms, arrange to meet killers, download porn, or give away bank details. Hence her fear every time she hears me tapping away upstairs! I tell her I am writing a novel, but this goes down the same as it would if I said I was planning to be an astronaut. She’ll try and get excited about it, for example if I use the same analogy she would ask about my space outfit, wonder if I should go for a nice green instead of white, but warn me not to spend all my time researching stars. If I then tried to talk seriously about space and shuttles, she’d nod, her eyes would glaze, and she’d point out that Eastenders is on. So being here neatly skips all that, and gives me the space I need to crack on. I am loving it already!


wannabe a writer said...

Hi Jayne

Happy New Year to you.

How lovely for you to have some space to write and I don't just mean physical space.

I think every writer should go on some kind of retreat in January to kick start them back into a routine again.

I'm doing my best but keep getting interrupted by birthdays (childrens - ie lots of work), family, work and snow.

Hey ho, life back to normal then.

Hope January is a productive one.


Rose said...

a change is as good as a rest. it sounds like a great set up you've got there. hope you really enjoy it.

KarenG said...

I started following you from Nicola's blog party. I like writer blogs that post about their writing/publishing journeys, etc. (like mine lol). Look forward to reading more of your posts!

Sandra said...


I found your blog through Help! I Need a Publisher! It's hard when the people in your life don't understand your passion, isn't it? Good luck with your writing!

Jayne said...

Hi Linda! Lots of happy New Year wishes to you too. It is nice to get some space to clear my mind, although a combination of work, snow and strangely - soup! - is conspiring against me with the writing. I think all will be back to normal soon though, and gosh yes, please let this January be productive!

Jayne said...

Hello Rose. It is a nice set up indeed - just got to get used to the chilly morning starts. The first thing I do at 6.30am is bolt downstairs and power up the gas fire! But yes, I am enjoying it - even that!

Jayne said...

Hi KarenG! Thanks for coming over - Nicola's blog party was a blast, wasn't it? Such a good idea. I hope you enjoy my blog, and wish you success with your own writing/publishing journey!

Jayne said...

Hi Sandra! I think for some people, they only see the passion when there is something tangible to come from it, something they can hold in their hands and say oh - you wrote this? Until then it is like a mystifying hobby. Thank you for the good luck wishes, much appreciated!