Sunday, 7 February 2010


So I am home again, jiggidy-jig – back to my mum’s, back to being the oldest teenager in town. But the month-long house and cat-sitting break has done me the world of good, and I am feeling a lot more optimistic about life than I did back at the start of this year.

Oh do I miss having a proper desk for my computer though! One day I shall have a desk with an actual chair, rather than having to work cross-legged sitting on my bed. It’s a good thing I pay lip service to yoga occasionally. Maybe along with the Tree there is a position called the Uncomfortable Writer. If so then I am a master at that particular pose.

The redrafting has continued at a cracking pace during my time in pleasant exile. I managed to de-tangle and rewrite four chapters, which means I am now writing this from the lofty height of chapter sixteen. Six left to go, folks! I am hoping that I will be able to amalgamate a couple of those as well. It would be so nice for this book to come in at twenty chapters. Still, I will have to wait and see what best suits the story.

One thing that is fab with redrafting is that I can really see how much my writing has improved, and feel I am a better writer now than I was when first spilling words onto the pages to create this book. I guess it is a gradual awareness of my writing style, and knowing what bad old habits I slip into occasionally (like pulling on a slobby tracksuit with threadbare elbows, last fashionable in the early nineties). Top of the bad habits list is a tendency to wallow in the past tense, so these scenes have involved lengthy rewrites to bring the action into the present. But on the whole I think I am still on schedule to finish by March... maybe mid-March though, as suddenly that seems very close!

Current Stats table:

Compared to when that table was a scary purple wilderness, the current stats table is making me very happy indeed. I have coloured the last few chapters in red so I'll get a real sense of finishing when I get to that stage, that is if I am not a gibbering wreck by that time!

Read more about my redrafting process here.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Congrats for winning the slushbusters pitch contest! (I assume that was you) That's got to be encouraging!

Jayne said...

Thank you Karen! Yes, that was me. :)

It was just what I needed - a bit of a confidence boost. I have been smiling all day because of it!

Rose said...

wow you are doing well- being so methodical does seem like a good idea- I wish I had the discipline!

Jayne said...

I am scarily methodical with this, just crap at all other areas of my life! Such as now - work tomorrow, and I have done diddly squat at getting ready for it (although I have added to my nice neat writing chart.) :)