Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I Iz Honest

Karen G from the lovely blog Coming Down the Mountain has given me an Honesty award.

The original rules are to write ten honest things about myself, and then pass this along to ten other blogs that I feel deserve an award. I’m going to change that end bit, as I’d nominate all the blogs I read regularly. So what I shall say is that any blog I link to, please feel free to pick up this award and run with it!

Honest stuff

1. I am not good at being sociable, even though the opposite seems true
2. I wish my dad was alive, although I wonder what we’d have thought of each other
3. The smell of trees, mulchy earth, and fresh ink makes me calm and content
4. I am seriously addicted to chocolate
5. Unpredictable people make me nervous
6. I cry watching other people cry - either in real life, in books, or on screen
7. I write to justify my existence
8. I never truly believe I have done anything remarkable (even when experience tells me otherwise)
9. I occasionally jump in puddles when I think no one else is looking
10. If I could add a personality trait, I would choose self-confidence

What would your ten things be?


Kit Courteney said...

Well deserved :0)

Alexandra Crocodile said...

i got that award on my previous blog:) don't you just love getting those? i can't remember the ten things i wrote when i got them, but i:
1. love indiana jones.
2. am also addicted to chocolate.
3. love starbucks.
4. love to travel!
5. want to live in a small english village someday.
6. will hopefully start my MA in creative writing next fall.
7. like to write these things so i don't have to do what i really should be doing.
8. think paris is overrated.
9. wish poirot was my grandfather.
10. really really really want to write full-time.

Jayne said...

Thanks Kit!

Jayne said...

Hi Alexandra! I do love getting these, they are great to kick-start some blogging. Thanks for sharing your ten things - love your number nine! I too adore Poirot, although my favourite sleuths by Agatha Christie are probably Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, the way they are in the novels. I don't think their screen portrayl did them much justice!