Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lines Thought beneath an Elm at Lunchtime on the way back to the Office of Harrow

Spot of my thirties! whose wistful ambition sighs
Swept by the breeze that fans thy cloudless sky
Where now alone I muse, who oft have trod
The path of these thoughts before, as I plod
Like those who, scatter'd far, perchance deplore,
The time they spent in full-time jobs before:
Oh! That glorious day! An author I'll be
Mine eyes admire books, my heart adores thee
Thou glorious words! Within you I lay
And frequent scribble'd procrastination away;
Where, as it once were wont, to the sock drawer I'd stumble
And tidy and pair and sort and grumble
How do thy stories, alive underneath my fingers
Invite me to remember and smile and linger
And seem to whisper, gently and sincere
"Your time will come, keep going, persevere!"

Author: Jayne and Lord Byron
Real poem can be found here


mise said...

Bravo, Jayne! The fine poem lives up to the attention-catching post title.

Hannah Kincade said...

I loves it. :D

Old Kitty said...

Methinks m'lud Byron would appreciate a tidy sock drawer! LOL!

Yay!!! Take care

JO said...

Well done, Jayne - this is fab.

catdownunder said...


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Me like!

Giles Hash said...

Very nice :)

Talli Roland said...

Jayne and Lord Byron make fantastic collaborators! Love it.

Out on the prairie said...

Very well done!The words need to flow from my fingertips more.

Magic Man said...

Love those words, those lovely, writerly words!

Texas Playwright Chick said...

"Your time will come, keep going, persevere!"

That says it all - what wonderful words, all!

Kenda Turner said...

Great adaptation--very creative :-)