Friday, 9 September 2011


Sometimes I get confused and think happiness is all about the big chunks – the large events, the all-singing and all-dancing milestones. A conversation with a friend last night made me think again. 

Happiness is also found in the quiet hours – contemplating the flowers in the garden, watching the cats at play, hearing the raindrops patter on the roof and knowing you are cosy inside. I get so focused on the big picture that I forget all the little pictures that are part of me. So here are some little things recently that have made me happy…

  • The two girls I sit with at work also have creative ambitions outside of the day job – one is an actress and the other a singer – so we share each-other’s triumphs and root for each-other to succeed, which is rather lovely. And chocolate mini rolls were given out at tea-time in honour of my upcoming birthday (sh!).
  • Throwing myself into weird shapes at Zumba aerobics class and being pleasantly surprised at my fitness level. I still have one! I thought we'd have to send in Time Team to excavate it.
  • Last week at Jitterbugs (lindy hop dance club) I had a great time dancing and remembered my lindy turn, swing out and circle. We styled out our own moves and had tons of fun. It was also nice that so many people came up to say hello to me, considering I hadn't been for ages.
  • The line ‘touched down in the land of the delta blues in the middle of the pouring rain’ in the song 'Walking in Memphis'. Also the sax in Gerry Rafferty’s 'Baker Street'.
  • Far-flung friends remembering my upcoming birthday (sh!) and looking forward to celebrating next week by combining a love for hidden history, London, cupcakes, cycling, walking, fab food, and possibly a glass of wine (or two).
  • Having time off the day job to hopefully do tons of writing!
  • Wearing my ‘Knights of Good’ T-shirt. Do you watch The Guild? If so you will know what I mean. 
  • Watching Hi-de-Hi. This was a BBC sitcom that ran in the 1980s and was filmed in a real holiday camp during the off-season. My family used to go there on holiday so I love watching the show (which is very funny) and recognising the situations and surroundings.
  • Meeting up with a good friend for dinner - we laughed and swapped thoughts over white chocolate and raspberry ripple swirl cheesecake. Yes, I did savour typing that sentence! (As well as the eating. Mmm.)
  • The instagram photography app. Beautiful filters that just make every single photograph stunning. As used on this post!
  • Being able to jump in my car and drive... (drive, drive, drive... *sings Rihanna*)
  • A cuddle with my cats. Cuddling Ginger is like holding a purring warm furry sunbeam. Cuddling Abigail is like holding a curious little fur-baby.  You can probably guess which one is which!

What little things have made you happy recently?


Maria Zannini said...

Those kitties have the biggest, prettiest eyes I've ever seen. They're mesmerizing.

My happy thing: Despite the dreadful lack of rain, the temperature has been absolutely gorgeous. I hate coming inside, it's so pretty.

jabblog said...

Happy birthday! It's good to think about things that make us happy.

JO said...

I think there is a continuum from joy to happiness to contentment. Most of the time I am contented - I am healthy, have enough money, children who love me. My grandchildren are a source of great happiness - and the 4-year old tell me he 'loves me a hundred days' fills me with joy.

Christine Rains said...

What beautiful cats. I love The Guild too! Have a happy birthday! :)

My happy thing: freshly made chocolate chip muffins.

Out on the prairie said...

I often collect those simple moments with my camera. It does take so little to make us happy.Happy Birthday

penandpaints said...

Aw, that is sooo true, it's lovely to appreciate the little things.
I also love the sax on 'Baker Street', Whenever I hear it I think 'I want to learn to play the saxophone.'

I went to see my new nephew today (he's three months old) and he gave me a gorgeous smile. That is a beautiful thing to treasure.

Well done on your dancing and yoga-bendiness, by the way!

Old Kitty said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you-hooooooo!
Happy birthday to you-hooooooo!


And of course hugs to your kitties!!!

Take care

Debbie said...

At the mo, my garden puts a smile on my face. I started growing veg in tubs and am amazed at what's grown. It all tastes good too.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday. Yes, it's often the small things. The outline of a winter tree against the setting sun, a good cup of coffee, a chat with a dear friend, and just sometimes, good news about something one has written!

snafu said...

My wife, my children, my grandchildren.
Being in a tent when it is raining hard outside and I am dry.
The water creaming off the bow of my yacht as it sails along on a good straight reach in a fair wind.
Yes me too, re: the sax solo in Bakers Street, also the drums coming in, in the middle of the Phil Collins track, Something in the Air Tonight.
Which all makes me think of this song; Think of a wonderful thought...etc finishing with;
..I can fly, I can fly, I can fly.
Oh yes, I love flying too.

Cathy said...

My daughter had a great first day, and then a great first week in 7th grade. After the trauma of last year I am very happy.

Dolly said...

What a lovely post and speaks volumes to me Jayne in so many ways. A very ssshhhh Happy Birthday to you, you mentioned more things we have in common = hidden history London = my passion those 3 words. By the way, I think Ginger is on the right and it is Abigail on the left? Hope you get to eat lots of yummy cupcakes X

Delia (Postcards from Asia) said...

Today it was Dave Gahan singing "World in My Eyes". That song is as close as I can get to pure magic.

Happy Birthday!

mshatch said...

what a great reminder; that it isn't always about the big things. Today I am happy that I had the tree guy in and the sun is shining on my deck again. AND I swept it free of debris AND my violets have decided to bloom again this year. Better late than never:)

lovely calico! And your orange reminds me of one I had. Handsome!

Maggie May said...

Waking up to find I have ENERGY!

The way my rabbits come and lick me (they don't do that with just anybody) Their tongues are smooth and warm!

Grandchildrens' hugs.

A sunny day.

A good book.

Settling down for a peaceful afternoon with a hobby. Today was crochet.

A walk on a warm day (or a crisp, cold day.)

I must stop!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Tracy Jo said...

I love this! It is all about the little things. Thank you for a great post. One of my happy moments today...4 comments on my blog! :-)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Planting tiny little spruce trees in my windowboxes.
And, Edward.