Sunday, 20 April 2008


I woke up this morning and for some reason the structure of the synopsis for the novel was in my head, and so I lay there for a while planning it, thinking ooo – this sounds good! And then I dashed up to scrabble about for a pen and paper, and by the time I got it written down I couldn’t quite remember the order of words I wanted. Still, at least it is a start, and something for me to worry at like a dog with a bone throughout the week.

I’ve made a point of mentioning the novel a few times here and there at social occasions over the last couple of weeks, mainly because the first question anyone asks is ‘oh right, so what’s it about?’. This means I have an approximate two minute window of interest to explain my whole novel using the most exciting yet briefest explanation possible, great preparation for writing the synopsis and seeing what other people spark with from my description.

The quickest explanation would be that it is a dark comedy of errors set in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, with brief forays into contemporary times. People seem to like the sound of this so far, although I am sure pulling a face in my company and saying 'that sounds a bit shite' would have been seen as an appalling faux pas, so perhaps not the best way to judge reactions. However, it is really good practice for me to talk about it - makes it all the more real, and that is very exciting! Oh one day…

But in the meantime – work. I have recklessly done nothing for work tomorrow – I should have laid out clothes, made lunch, washed hair – all these sort of things, yet nope – tonight has been a night off. This means tomorrow morning will be a right arse and I’ll only have my sorry self to blame – ah well. Oh no – just remembered I have to queue up for my weekly travel card too – if you see a wild-eyed girl clutching an apple / random stick of celery wearing one trainer / one boot on the tube tomorrow morning I have the bad feeling it may well be me.

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