Thursday, 10 April 2008

Ten things

What I have learnt this week:

1 - The earlier the train, the darker the coats of the commuters onboard.

2 - Arriving home after 8 means dinner will be whatever you can quickly grab.

3 - It is possible to live on board room biscuits and fruit.

4 - It is more than possible to be mown down by a jogger along the Embankment at lunchtime.

5 - Printers are contrary machines - they will time to run out of paper/ink/some odd bit you never knew they needed just when you have an important document to print.

6 - As soon as something is fixed in an Agenda it will no doubt shift times.

7 - BBC morning news seems transfixed with George Clooney.

8 - Office air conditioning will be set at freezing or boiling.

9 - It is possible to use the next door neighbour as a 6.30am alarm since he slams his front door at that time every bloody morning.

10 - Morning porridge is lovely... Mmm. *whispers - especially if you make it with cadburys highlights*

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