Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Pay day!

Got a welcome email the other day at work, asking me if I’d like to come along and collect my cheque. Like to? I was there at the ladies desk before she’d even depressed the ‘send’ key. So – thankfully, the bank account has had a puff of warm money blown into it, and what with that, and J’s cunning plan (he is rather good at cunning plans, much better than me) it looks like the rent is a done deal.

The electricity bill has stopped glowing as well, mainly because I dropped it behind the sofa. What? Ready Steady Bills – can’t see, won’t pay. I am sure this works until someone somewhere throws a switch and the flat plunges into darkness…

I’ve had Blur’s ‘The Universal’ whirling around my head for the last three days. This is mainly because it is not on my iPod. I’ve worked out that it doesn’t matter I have 250 songs of goodness and joy on my ipod, I shall always get fixated on the one that isn’t there, and long to hear it until all I have playing on the inner radio is that song, on repeat. So tonight I’ll acquire it (ahem) and tomorrow I shall listen to it once, and then get equally fixated on something else I don’t have.


musicobsessive said...

I'm so glad you have your finances under control...sort of. I was quite worried about you!

Anyway, on to ipods. The case of the missing song gets worse as your collection expands. Mine now houses about 3,500 songs but can I find the one I want? No, I've forgotten to buy/load it.

My playlist has been shaken up recently by some new Kim Wilde songs which are quite simply brilliant (see tomorrow's post) so I've not been worried by the missing stuff!

Jayne said...

Aw thanks, that's a nice thing to say! I think it will be all fine - we knew August was going to be a tough one, but every so often I can't help but have a wibble, and on here seems the easiest place! By end of Sept everything should be back on track.

Kim Wilde eh? I have three of her songs on my ipod - You Came, Cambodia and Kids in America. I'll be looking out for your post!

Oh dear though, so no matter if I one day upgrade, I will always suffer from Missing Song Syndrome? No - tell me it's not true!