Sunday, 10 August 2008

When Doves Fly

When you live nine floors up, the last thing you’d expect on entering the flat is to find unexpected visitors. But this is exactly what happened to J’s mum when she entered her kitchen to make a nice cup of tea – she discovered two unwelcome bird guests had already hopped in via the window.

A panicked phone call to J, and there we were, en route to save a nice lady from a close encounter of the bird kind. Not that my role as a bird buster was anything to glorify – mainly I offered support from behind the closed door. But then J called me over to point out our bird guests – and two rather startled looking white doves peered back at me from the top of the cupboard. We couldn’t get close enough to read their tags, but holding back the net curtain did wonders – in a flap of feathers they were free and soaring away into the sky.

This makes a nice analogy for the novel… I sent it away this weekend. I was getting everything together on Friday, and it suddenly dawned on me that the date was 08/08/08 – surely that means magic must be in the air? So the novel has gone - I’ve set three chapters free to soar away in the post. Eek!

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