Thursday, 22 April 2010

Five things you don't want to hear at the dentist

At your own peril...

1. Oops.

2. And here comes the drill.

3. Your mouth may feel a little numb (meaning you'll be sent home drooling with your tongue lolling out)

4. How would you like to pay?

5. See you next week.


And yes, I do feel a little sorry for myself!


Joanne said...

Oh boy. It's the See You Next Week that would do me in :/

Sorry about your dentist experience. Our dentist here now uses a laser instead of a drill, eliminating the need for novacaine. It helps, anyways.

Cheree said...

I think the worst one is "oops"... what would you make of that?

Sorry you had to go to the dentist, I hate dentists almost as much as doctors... I don't like inflicting pain on myself if not necessary.

Old Kitty said...

Oh dentists. Drills.

Yuck! And yes, big bill for the pain!

You poor thing - I hope you are now recovering nicely!

Take care

Wendy Ramer said...

It's the How-would-you-like-to-pay part that freaks me out. I want to respond, "Actually, I WOULDN'T."

KarenG said...

I don't mind the your mouth may be a little numb bit, because that means he is going to fill me with so much novocain I won't feel the drill. But the oops-- that's a bad one!

Aubrie said...

Did you have to go to the dentist recently? Yuck!

Plain Jane said...

I actually hate the eye doctor more than the dentist. At the dentist I just experience pain, at the eye doctor I have to make one decision after another after another. It is so stressful.

Susan Fields said...

I agree with Plain Jane about the eye doctor. I'm always thinking, "What if I think 1 is better than 2, when really 2 is better than 1? Am I going to go around half-blind for the next year?" It is very stressful. But an "oops" from the dentist would be very stressful, too.

Christine said...

Oh, poor you. But look on the bright side. There might have been a number 6: don't eat any more chocolate!

Al said...

I have a broken tooth at the moment.

My problem is I am so phobic about dentists; I can't actually go until the pain is worse than my fear.

Unfortunately I have a very high pain tolerance.


Publish or Perish

Happy Frog and I said...

Poor you! I didn't go to a dentist for over 10 years after a particularly bad experience where the anaesthetic didn't work. I'm fine now, but I don't know what will happen if my current dentist ever left the practice. I think I'd have to move house!

AchingHope said...

Haha... My worst moment was when I was getting my wisdom teeth removed and the assistant to the dentist said, "Don't move your tongue, we might cut it." I'm thinking "I can't feel my tongue! How do I know if I move it?! The dentist lady smacked the assistant saying, "Don't tell her that!"

It was quite funny looking back on it.

T.J. Carson said...

Haha I just got chills reading those and my teeth instantly began to twinge and cringe...if that second part is at all possible!!! lol Hate the dentist.

Idk if it's just me but every time i leave there my gums are bleeding because they are so freaking rough!!

Fran said...

Funny post! The other thing that really annoys me at the dentist is when they try to talk to you. 'Going on holiday this year. Oh? Going to Arrgghhschlluarrghh? How interesting.'

Jayne said...

Hi Joanne. I know! Hm... laser in mouth, drill in mouth – they both sound equally wrong to me!


Hi Cheree. Oops is never a good thing to hear anyone say, especially Those In Power. I’m not fond of dentists either – it’s a white knuckle ride for me!


Hi Old Kitty. Mostly recovered, although have to go back next week for the temporary filling to be made a permanent thing. I hear the till ringing as we speak. Thanks for the good wishes!


Hi Wendy. Oh the bill! But strangely enough not as expensive as cat teeth. Pet dentistry bills are extortionate!


Hi KarenG. Oh yes, I would prefer not to feel anything of course! But I do hate that feeling of numb mouth – it lasts for hours.

Jayne said...

Hi Aubrie. Sadly yes. Did this post give it away? :)


Hi Plain Jane. The eye doctor... I’m actually not that good with eyes either. I hope my vision always stays ok so I don’t have to wear contacts (as would be hopeless), or ever have them lasered as I think I would cry.


Hi Susan. Last time I went for an eye test I did find those decisions stressful. I’m not sure I made the right ones. My eyes seem rather tired a lot to me, yet the optician said they are fine. One of us isn’t right!


Hi Christine. I don’t think I could have coped with that number six!


Hi Al. It also takes me a long time to go to the dentist. I go through months of ‘ow... oh actually, that’s just a little pain’ until I think actually that really hurts! But I urge you to go – honestly, don’t leave it so long. I wish I had got my bad tooth sorted a long time ago. To be fair I did try but the dentist was a bit useless!

Jayne said...

Hello Happy Frog. Ouch... what a horrible experience. Don’t blame you for leaving it ten years!


Hi AchingHope. Oh my... what a thing to say! I doubt that assistant will make a full dentist if they are saying things like that – I would have completely panicked (i.e. made little eeking noises in the chair until they let me go – there’s not a lot of room for panic in the dentist chair!)


Hi T.J. Oh yes, cringing teeth is very possible! Love the vision it conjures. I also hate it when you use the rinse and spit out blood, very unnerving!


Hi Fran. Glad you liked! And yes, I agree. My last dentist laughed easily as he fired up the drill and said ‘are you alright down there?’ In my thoughts I was like ‘just peachy, thank you’.