Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend: A Photo Story


Laptop: Virgin Trains
Hiking boots from Timetravel Britain
Cupcake photograph by ConsumedbyCake
Tea from Yorkshire Tea
Wine bottles and Motorway by FreeFoto.com
Scenery by BBC Radio Lancashire
Balloons by ShimmeeGrrl
Zzz's and Agatha Christie book by Me
Fry up from bobby stokes
Bar from the Coach House

If I have used your photograph in error please let me know and I will gladly remove it.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, that breakfast - want it, want it, but mine's without the egg please. Are you branching out into graphic novels?

Mise said...

You have used my photograph in error. No, wait, you haven't, my tea is decaff. No, wait again, I can't admit to my Yorkshire tea being decaff. Forget I spoke.

What a nice way to spend a weekend!

Fran Hill said...

No need for captions. The pictures say it all. Sounds great.

Karen said...

Brilliant! Looks like my kind of weekend :o)

music obsessive said...

Ooh, those Fontana Agatha Christies! I love them. I love the covers and I love how they remind me of my mother and how she set me on the road to whodunit-dom.

More of them, please!

Lilly Higgins said...

Doing a photo story is a great idea! The steps winding up the side of the cliff are amazing, looks like an ideal weekend!

Talli Roland said...

Love this! Especially the cupcake.

Looks like a brilliant weekend!

Joanne said...

Listen, if you could just hook up a usb cable and send me some of that tea and cupcakes, I'd be a very happy blogger :)

sarahjayne smythe said...

Great pictures and I love the way you tell the story. I just wanted to let you know that I'm over here following you now. :)

Eliza said...

Looks like you had a great time, where are those steps ???

Unknown said...

Nice :)

Oh, and I have to say I love your profile info. I laughed out loud, because it is true. If one cannot be a cat, they will become an author. Good luck on all your writing endeavors.

Anonymous said...

I have heard Yorkshire tea is wonderful. Hopefully one day I will get to taste it :o)

Rose said...

looks perfect! and the big four is rather good isn't it- a bit over the top for Christie but I was hooked- always am though

Private said...

What nice pictures! Those stone steps look very interesting:) And any easter filled with Christie sounds good to me!

Jayne said...

Hi Christine. My ideal fry is egg, bacon, and toast. Not a fan of mushies, or the boiling hot evil tomato. I seem to recall a Bad Incident with a tomato that resulted in a Poorly Tongue (and a tendency to sprinkle Capitals, oddly enough).


Hi Mise. That did make me smile! It was a nice way to spend the weekend. :)


Hi Fran. It was great, and yet over too soon... I need something new to look forward to now!

Jayne said...

Hi Karen. We share good taste! :)


Hi Martin. Aren’t they lovely? I did remember that post you did about your mum’s collection actually, and hoped you’d see this. The ones I mainly collect are the Great Pan imprint (approx 1961). But I collect pretty much each imprint as much as I can (odd, I know!), sadly most of my collection is deep within a box, waiting for the day I have shelf space for it again. Can’t wait! Soon I hope...

Jayne said...

Hi Lilly! Doing a photo story was fun, it reminded me of those Blue Jeans novels I used to read (girl loves boy, boy is an idiot, girl still loves boy, boy suddenly realises he loves girl too. The end). The steps led up to what is locally called 'Big Stone'. And it is!


Hi Talli! The cupcake I had was amazing. A light fairy sponge, with gooey chocolate and hundreds and thousands squashed generously on top. And a mini egg. I think I might be hungry... hm, 11.15am... not exactly lunchtime...


Hi Joanne! Oh if only I could. Wouldn't that be marvellous? Instead we all live vicariously through eachother!

Jayne said...

Hi sarahjayne. Thank you! And it is great to have you here - warm welcome to you!


Hi Eliza. It was a fab time - the steps are actually around the side of what is known locally as the Big Stone. It is in a town called Bentham, and very nice it is too!


Hi AchingHope. Thank you! Glad the profile made you chuckle. Absolutely - if one cannot be a cat, what else is there to do in life but write? :)


Hi Niki. I will have to send you some one day!


Hi Rose. The Big Four is actually a bit mystifying. I agree, very over the top for Christie! I am halfway through (just passed the 'yellow jasmine' affair!) and still haven't a clue what is going on. Neither has Hastings. Poirot, of course, knows everything.


Hi Alexandra. Thank you! I thought you would like the Christie book. :)

Kit Courteney said...

Oh Jayne, this is fab!!!!!!!

It tells SUCH a cracking story.

I shall steal your idea and no doubt balls it up!

Jayne said...

Hello Kit - glad you liked it! And please - steal away, be fab to see what you come up with!