Sunday, 2 May 2010


There comes a time when you must choose
About the path you're gonna take
And you must take it win or lose
And if you lose it's your mistake

Rooting through my dwindling pile of VHS tapes to see what to take to a charity shop, I came across the animated 1980 film Animalympics.

The film spoofs the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, with animals from all over the world competing for a gold medal. It has some great characters – Dean Wilson, a swimming Californian dude otter; Bolt Jenkins, a high jumping crocodile; Tatyana Tushenko, a slinky gymnastic sable… but my favourites were the marathan runners Rene Fromage (a French goat) and Kit Mambo (an African lioness). Both are determined to win their race, but fall in love along the way.

However the main reason I remembered Animalympics was for the stunning soundtrack by 10cc bassist Graham Gouldman, and for the beautiful short song below. I am a somewhat melonchony soul and have always been drawn to songs that say hello to this sort of sadness. Sometimes songs attach themselves to your skin and become part of a personal soundtrack whether you want them to or not. This is one of the songs that has somehow ended up on my private playlist; such simple and yet haunting imagery of how it can feel to pursue a dream, all my greatest hopes and darkest fears.

It feels very personal sharing this with you, but I am sure you won't mind. I guess I just feel a bit sad today. It'll pass.

It's a beautiful song, and I am so happy it, and the film, can be found on youtube. Sorry I have been slow replying to comments, but I appreciate each and every one; it is lovely to read your thoughts on my posts.


Lilly Higgins said...

Aw! I never heard of that film before. I just watched the youtube clip and felt a bit sad too! It's real heavy heart stuff.Sometimes its good to feel like that though.
You can watch this to cheer yourself up! x

Laura Marcella said...

I've never heard of the movie. But I love the Olympics, so I must check it out!

Fran said...

I don't cry very easily at all. But music does it to me every time, especially if it's the kind that reminds me of when my kids were at home and playing all their instruments and doing gigs which I'd go to. All gone now. Sob.

Susan Fields said...

Yes, a melancholy song - lovely, though. Thanks for sharing it!

Old Kitty said...


What's the matter? Why are you feeling all melancholy? :-(

I hope everything is ok with you? I hope so!

I want this film now!! I've never heard of it!

Thanks for the info - once I get my proper pc up and running, I'll definitely be watching this on youtube (it's all there too - wow!!)

Lovely song - very sad.

Oh dear!

Take care


Elaine AM Smith said...

The film was new to me too. I'm hunting it down. Sad equals creative,apparently - ask Anne R Allen.
Take care and be happy.

Aubrie said...

I've never seen this. I'll have to check it out. My favorite animated movie growing up was The Last Unicorn.

musicobsessive said...

I’m not surprised you like this song as Graham Gouldman has real pedigree when it comes to song writing. In the 1960s when barely 20, he wrote ‘For Your Love’ (Yardbirds), ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Look Through Any Window’ (Hollies) and ‘No Milk Today’ (Herman’s Hermits). Not bad for someone working in a gents’ outfitters!

Neither am I surprised that you tend towards melancholy. I do myself and it is not to be confused with depression. Melancholy often gets a bad press but it is the mechanism by which the soul allows the beauty of art, be it music, literature or fine art, to be fully appreciated. People that do not have this trait miss out on the deep emotions that art can bring and I feel sorry for them.

Carol Kilgore said...

What a great clip - and totally new to me. Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

I haven't tried to watch/listen as our slow broadband connection is even slower than usual (or maybe I'm just not peddaling hard enough). Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope your melancholy mood has passed.

Lydia Kang said...

I've never seen this! Thanks for posting, i love seeing new stuff!

Happy Frog and I said...

Thank you for sharing a piece of music that is personal to you. I have not come across the music or the film before. I do like how music can change my moods. :-)

Talli Roland said...

It's a beautiful song. Wallow in your melancholy... sometimes you just have to!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Hey, thought I'd come check out your blog. Thanks for following me :)
So glad I came over, great post. I loved the Animalympics as a kid. I think I still have it on a vhs tape somewhere with DO NOT TAPE OVER written on. heehee.

Jen said...

I've never heard of the film, but very intriguing! I know what you mean by feeling a bit sad afterwards... music is such an interest thing, it makes you feel things sometimes you wouldn't normally express!!

JustineDell said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I will officially be stalking you now too ;-)


Christine Danek said...

I've never heard of that film before. The music is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry I thought I was a follower --now I am. :)

Paul C said...

Yes, following a goal and ignoring the people along the way. Watching the video reminds me that I have to also be open to all the little serendipities along the way.

Rose said...

sorry you were having a sad day- I can't listen on this computer but I will do later- and I hope you are feeling a bit better x

Jessica Nelson said...

There are some songs that do the same thing for me too.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! Your comment cracked me up. :-)

Jayne said...

Hi Lilly. Thank you for sending me the link of Minnie the Moocher! It was nice to be reminded of that song, and I did cheer up watching clips of The Blues Brothers – totally forgot about that movie, but it was such a classic. Thank you.


Hi Laura. Hope you got a chance to watch the movie, it is lots of fun. The jokes hold up well I think.


Hi Fran. Yes I’d say I’m the same – I don’t cry easily, but music has that strange power.


Hi Susan. I am so pleased you listened and liked it!

Jayne said...

Hi Old Kitty. I often feel a bit blue; think that is just the way I am wired. Thank you for your good thoughts! Hope your PC gets better soon. I am constantly amazed about how much stuff is on youtube. I have more of a problem remembering what I want to find, rather than finding it!


Hi Elaine. Thank you for pointing the way to Anne R Allen. It’s interesting, as I posted this at 7pm or so Sunday night, and then had a very good four hour writing session from 9pm to 1am...maybe being sad releases the emotions that clog everything up? I would very much hope that being sad is not a pre-requisite though! Thanks for the good thoughts.


Hi Aubrie. Do check it out, it is really fun. I have never seen The Last Unicorn, but even the title appeals to my little tragic button!

Jayne said...

Hi Martin. Thank you for your comment... you put it so perfectly. I would much rather feel as I do and understand the beauty music, art and literature can bring, than not, and miss out. Agree that it shouldn’t be misdiagnosed as depression – it is a completely different feeling, depression is much heavier, darker, causes a horrible pointlessness to everything. But melancholy, and being able to be moved – in a way it’s a gift to feel such emotion. And I didn’t realise he wrote so many brill songs – just been searching the others you listed on youtube. Gosh, what would I do without youtube?

Jayne said...

Hi Carol. I am so glad you watched it and liked it!


Hi Christine. Oh dear, can just picture you peddling away. Last year I was pedalling with the frustrations of dongles... even the word gives me the shivers. And thank you, yes, it has ebbed for now.


Hi Lydia. Always nice to share something new.


Hi Happy Frog. I must admit to being in tears over this song! Maybe it was just that night... music has such a strange power.


Hi Talli. Yes, agree! And did. :)

Jayne said...

Hi Lindsay. So glad you remembered this film! I was beginning to think I was the only one. Yes, I am keeping my VHS tape of it – not taping over that one!


Hi Jen. The film is worth the watch – even though it is, gosh, thirty years old, it still holds up pretty well. And where would we be without music? It expresses life so perfectly.


Hi Justine. Officially stalking! Hee... :)


Hi Christine. So glad you listened to it – such a sweet haunting tune. And thanks for re-following me!


Hi Paul. Thank you for stopping by, and I am glad you watched the video. And absolutely!


Hi Rose. Hope you got a chance to listen, you would like it, I think. And thanks for the wishes... that song just snuck up on me and took my emotions by surprise. Better today, I think. :)


Hi Jessica. Oh good, glad the comment made you chuckle!