Thursday, 18 November 2010

Resolutions, of sorts

And so she’s back!
From Lanzarote!
She swam in the sea
And it really wasn’t grotty
I should have packed my second sun-dress
I should have drank Sangria 'til I was sick
If I’d known for just one second
I’d be back so very quick!

My word. Holidays just fly, don’t they? I managed to read two books from my enormous pile (okay, that was a tad ambitious) and made the mistake of starting the whopper book breezeblock, Stephen King’s Under The Dome, on the last day. This meant I have been glued to it ever since – folks, it is a good one. I barely noticed the plane ride. This is the book I wanted Duma Key to be. Anyway, there shall be more of it in a review when I get my act together (looks under chocolate wrappers for Act; finds it cowering away with mahoosive To Do list).

Mahoosive. Anyone remember that word from school? A cross between massive Moose? Yes, that was it. Our school had such a way with words. I remember one of our teachers, a youngish chap but not young enough to be down with all the slang, flying into our classroom to ask us what ‘chief’ meant when aimed as a verbal arrow. We laughed, told him it wasn’t complimentary, and he went flying out of the classroom again in a rage.

Where was I? Ah yes. Act. I made a list (and I am checking it twice) full of things I need to crack on with, and most of it involves actually writing something. I feel like I have reverted into being a person with ideas for stories without actually committing them to paper/screen/software programme. This makes me a very sad girl indeed, so I am full of new resolutions to widen the cracks of space around full-time work so I can drip-feed in some stories. That is, if I can stay out from Under the Dome long enough.

What was the last book you fell into?


Unknown said...

You lucky thing, my favourite destination, good luck with the planning.

Indigo said...

Sounds like you had a great get away. I have both Duma Key and Under the Dome. For some reason, I've yet to read either. Stephen King has a new anthology coming out called, Full Dark - No Stars. Glad to have you back! (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You sound refreshed and chirpy, full of get-up-and-go, so you must have had a great time. I hope that you can make space in your routine to get writing again.

Haven't read a bIg book for ages.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Jayne..looks like you had a great holiday. Have been trying to catch up with my reading alongside writing.

Old Kitty said...

Welcome back Jayne!
You are as bright and breezy and sane!
I hope you got a good tan
And fanned yourself with a good. er. Fan!
Have a great time with Mr King
It looks like a good book full of zing!
And I better stop this silly poem now
cos I'm in danger of ending up cow going wow...

Ahem. :-)

Take care

Mise said...

Oh no, I feel so old now. Can you tell me what 'chief' means when aimed as a verbal arrow?

N. R. Williams said...

I'm wondering why you're leaving a link to your post but no comment on mine?
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Kittie Howard said...

Welcome back! And you do seem rested and eager to go. I envy you curling into a good read. I haven't had such luck in ages. *sighs*

Jayne said...

Hi Carole - Thank you!

Hi Indigo - Gosh, Stephen King is such a prolific author! Thanks for the heads up about the anthology. I think Under the Dome is way better than Duma Key, but they are both well worth the money. :)

Hi Christine - Thanks! Well I was before I came to work and then my spirits sort of sagged slightly. But hopefully it is more that sort of sag you get when you leave a holiday behind as opposed to a full on droop!

Hi Rachna - I did! Sounds like you have a good balance going there.

Hi Old Kitty - Perfect to see, a welcome back poem for me, I feel very chuffed indeed, with your lovely kind deed!

Hi mise - Oh no, don't feel old! Chief at our school meant sort of plumped up idiot. The urban slang dictionary says: 'An irritant, someone who puts their own interests before yours, or does anything at all annoying, reasonable or not. In many cases a meaningless insult.' I love how the urban slang dictionary is so correct in its delivery. :)

Hi Nancy - I'm confused? What do you mean - that I have linked in this blog post to an earlier post of mine, but haven't yet got around to visiting and commenting on your own blog? Hm... I would love to always comment on every blog I follow but sometimes it's just not possible.

Hi Kittie - Thank you! Well if you like Stephen King I say go for Under the Dome! Although it depends if you like that sort of genre. But yes, time to just read was lovely.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I wonder where you had gone. I forgot you were going on vacation. Glad you got a lot of reading done! And welcome back.

Golden Eagle said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you had a great holiday!

I've never read anything by King, yet; but I did have a lot of fun reading 3001 recently, to answer your question.

Joanne said...

Welcome back! Hm, it's been a mahoosive amount of time since I've fallen into a book. I have a couple waiting to be read, and I'm about due ...

Unknown said...

Welcome back from your hols. Funnily enough, I read Stephen King's The Stand (full version) on a two-week holiday in Lanzarote! Under the Dome is one of my favourites.

Christmas Tales Blogfest

Maggie May said...

Glad you had a good holiday.
The Shack by Wm Paul Young was the last book I read. Finished it last week.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Mystica said...

You sound refreshed and raring to go!

Private said...

Yeah, holidays always FLY by, and in no time you're back and it's like it never happened at all. the last book I flew into? Hmmmm... Agatha Christie's "and then there were none" comes to mind. that was incredibly well-written. Christie's best, imo.

Joanna St. James said...

Oh goody you are back when do we get to see pictures.

Linda said...

Hi Jayne

Oh how I envy you for getting some sun and relaxation.

Aren't holidays great for getting your head straight and deciding on the way forward?

Hope reality isn't too glum!

I've loads of big books on my tbr pile - Wolf Hall has been there fore a while along with the Mitfords Sisters book - can't remember exact title. Just getting into The White Queen - Philipa Gregory but not finding much time to read this month -I need a holiday! Bet you do too.


Karen said...

I've discovered a Swedish author called Karin Alvtegen and I'm devouring her books back to back!

Glad you had a great holiday :o)

Eliza said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

Happy Frog and I said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday, sounds great. I would take anything by Iain 'M' Banks at the moment. :-)

Unknown said...

Recently I read the book THE HELP. A friend lent it to me, and it was wonderful. I couldn't put it down.
Donna V.

Hart Johnson said...

love your little poem there! Welcome back and glad it was grand! Good luck with all your activities!

Melissa Sugar said...

Hello. I am new here, but "welcome back." It sounds like you had a much needed relaxing vaction. I am jealous. You will love Under the Dome. It is really long, but it flies by. I just fell into Grisham's newest book, The Confession. I loved his first two, A Time to kill and The Firm (and a few others), but somewhere along the Grisham Dynasty, I fell off the fan wagon. I really liked his latest, however. It kept my attention and I read it in one night. No such luck with, Under the Dome. Happy Reading

Fran Hill said...

I love that thing where you're on a journey and get so into a book that you forget everything and everyone around you. Except that the other day I got so absorbed that I missed my bus stop. I had a longer walk home that evening ....

The Words Crafter said...

Welcome back! My director loved Under The Dome, btw.

The last book I read was CassaStar by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Pat Tillett said...

One of the best things about getting out of town is being able to totally relax with a book or two. I've read Under the Dome...I agree, it's good!

Jayne said...

Hi KarenG – Thank you! It was lovely to have some reading time.

Hi Golden Eagle – I did, thanks! Not heard of 3001 – but will look out for it. Always love recommendations!

Hi Joanne – Thank you! You certainly have the word ‘mahoosive’ down pat. Hope you get to fall into a book soon!

Hi Ellie – Lanzarote seems the place to be for a long Stephen King book.

Hi Maggie May – Thank you! Just went to look up The Shack on Amazon. Might have to look out for that book – cheers.

Hi Mystica – I was! Whether I still am now remains in question.

Hi Alexandra – And Then There Was None is a very clever book. It is in my top ten of Agatha Christie’s as well although my favourite... gosh. I’d have to do some analytical research into my favourite all-time Agatha!

Hi Joanna St. James – My pictures are under lock and key.

Hi Linda – I had totally forgotten how physical distance creates mental space, so to speak. It was lovely to relax like that. Wolf Hall I found so much easier on audio. I also want to read the book about the Mitford Sisters, and The White Queen at some stage. At the moment I am reading some spooky little stories by Roald Dahl.

Jayne said...

Hi Karen – I’m just looking at her website – her books sound great! I need to read more crime fiction.

Hi Eliza – It was lovely but over too soon.

Hi Happy Frog – I think I read The Wasp Factory a long time ago. Will have to discover more of his books.

Hi Irishoma / Donna – Ah I want to read that book. One day!

Hi Hart – Thank you!

Hi SugarScribes – Hello and welcome to you! You were right; I did adore Under the Dome. It was the Stephen King book I had been waiting for! I actually haven’t read any Grisham books yet (although I have The Firm waiting for me).

Hi Fran – I’ve done that with tube stops. Usually with a Stephen King book!

Hi Words Crafter – Yes I really must order CassaStar at some point. It’s brilliant to read blog buddies books (couldn’t resist the alliteration!)

Hi Pat – Under The Dome was fantastic! I really enjoyed it.