Wednesday, 25 June 2008

First comments

Z with her super fast editing powers sent my three chapters back to me yesterday, and although I opened the Word doc half shielding my eyes, everything was well. She’s suggested a few word changes, a few crops – but really nothing too drastic. Oh, apart from I spelt Meerkat – ‘meer cat’. And there was me in tears about Flower on Meerkat Manor as well – tch tch!

So now all I have to do is wait for J’s red pen to get going, and see if she says the same. She’s so going to pounce on ‘meer cat’ – and now I bet you are thinking what on earth has she written that has a Meerkat in it? I know that is what I’d be thinking – but have no fear, my Meerkat is a simile, I do a very similar impression when sitting on the sofa peering into the kitchen to see if I have switched off the hob.

Thinking of the kitchen leads me to think of food, which brings me on to the subject of the Scales of Doom. Our bathroom scales have lurked by the base of the sink ever since we moved into this flat; I think they were left behind by the landlord in a bid to rid himself of their evil. They are supposedly automatic, and automatically insult me nearly every single day. Their read out for me ranges between 8st12 to 9st10 apparently on whim, but every time I see the higher number thrown up by its little addled brain I panic. Today was a 9st10 day, it was enough to make me remember with a cold shiver the days of University, when all I ate was pasta and Nutragrain bars in the misguided belief I was being healthy. Pah, is all I can say to that, I looked like a little balloon, not being the tallest of lasses.

So I am thinking that maybe I should ditch the chocolate habit, just in case the Scales of Doom have coughed out a real reading for once. Notice I say this at the end of the day, when all is well. I won’t be saying it so easily come tomorrow at 4pm!

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