Friday, 20 June 2008

Good week

This week has been infinitely better than last week, and all thanks to the tentative little plan I decided on last Friday, watching the sun rise after a night of worrying. I did get an invoice paid early (glory be and Halleluiah), which gives me breathing room. I did apply for a couple of jobs, and both contacted me back asking me to come in for an interview. And funnily enough, although the answer most people truly want to give is ‘money’ when asked ‘why did you want to apply for this position?’ I actually am excited about both roles, in a shock not-actually-just-about-the-cashola sort of way. Both are writing roles, one probably more so than the other, and I think I know which one I am leaning more towards. But we shall see!

I also am almost there with the editing… *ducks keyboards thrown at her from various directions.* I know, I know! Every time I say ‘right – nearly there’ in a jolly hockey sticks sort of way it turns out I am lying – but lying to myself too, if it makes you feel any better. I honestly think I have nearly cracked it, and then I re-read and think oh pants. I am halfway through chapter 3, and it is already infinitely better than it was before. I truly think that I’ll have cracked it by Tuesday. *she declares, in a sheepish ‘haven’t we been here sometime before’ tone of voice.*

The reason I am a little behind with my chapter is that I had another commission to write a feature, this time on horse-racing, in a roundabout way. Historical horse-racing… yes, I bet that has you shaking your head. I can assure you I’m not actually a sporty person, but the timing of this feature was brilliant, as tomorrow I am actually going to Ascot! We got the tickets as part of a Christmas present – I remember at the time thinking that it was a little way off, and yet here we are – skint, but off to the races! I am hoping it will be like the dogs and I can bet in shiny twenty pence pieces. Hoorah!

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