Monday, 23 June 2008


I have just finished editing chapter three. At least I think so… well, it’s the first time I’ve reached the end of it without scouring out the middle, so to speak. Whoop! Crack open the lemon squash!

Does this mean the next thing I have to do is ‘the letter’? No, it’s even worse, it’s ‘the synopsis’. I have a few versions of this already, so am hopeful it will not take me too long… I think I just have to remember how I described it to people, and what would make me want to read it, after all, I am a right fussy bugger when it comes to books. Although it’s hard to be objective with your own work, I have worked as an editor before, so that sort of discipline does help (she hopes). I’ll read it through tomorrow and see if I still like it (and am crossing fingers, no time to waste now!)

And… like the same flash of fun that appeared with this idea, I had another book idea pop into my mind the other week. I didn’t mention it as it was just a glimmer, but there it was, for a second, and then it was gone. And then the other day I had a long train ride, and there it was again in my mind, just a bit more padding perhaps, and then – poof, the idea was gone again. Holding on to them at this stage is like trying to hold onto a wisp of smoke. But then this weekend I went for a lovely long walk with good friend A, and told her the idea, and the act of telling someone sort of cements it further in my mind, even though I haven’t written a single part of this idea on paper yet. But you know what? I like it…


Bruno Bouchet said...

As another ad person turned novelist, I've enjoyed reading your adventures. Even as someone used to pumping things up having to write your own blurb is really difficult - bit like writing your own eulogy.

have a look at mine blog if you like:


Jayne said...

Hello Bruno!

I've just spent a very enjoyable time reading your blog (and website) - thanks for adding me, am honoured! I’m not looking forward to coming up with an interesting and concise blurb – but I’m going to spend a bit of time in a large bookstore today and will see how others tackle it. I wish I could just say ‘buy this book!’ and agents everywhere will go 'how astute, what a find this girl is'.