Friday, 17 September 2010

Awards and Mentions

I have been burrowing behind the scenes of this week, but had to pop up in order to highlight some excellent ‘new-to-me’ blogs, and to give out an award I have been storing in an airing cupboard.

Excellent ‘new-to-me’ Blogs

S J Watson
Those of you who follow book publishing news will know there is a huge buzz around author S J Watson’s debut novel, coming next year, called Before I Go to Sleep. He is fairly new to blogging, and his posts are all about what life has been like for him since he signed with an agent. His book already has a film deal – it is going to be huge. Make friends with him now before the rush!
S J Watson’s blog: Before I Go to Sleep

My Villa Life
Ann’s blog comes to us from Auckland, New Zealand, and she also loves chocolate, like me. She writes about discovering a new city and turning it into home for her family, and punctuates her posts with lovely photographs of life around her. I loved the post about her five-year old boy taking charge and writing his wish-list for the day – a water-slide and sushi! Pop over and say hello.
Ann’s blog: My Villa Life

Scribble and Edit
Madeleine blogs from South Devon in England, and has only been here in blog-land a month. Give her a warm welcome! Her ‘micro-fiction Monday’ posts are lovely, as are her thoughts on the writing process.
Madeleine’s blog: Scribble and Edit

An Award!

I’ve been lucky enough to receive this Award a few times, but life crept in the way of collecting and passing it on. However, the lovely Krista Lynne Jensen passed it over to me recently, so thank you, Krista! The rules are you have to reveal seven things about yourself, and nominate fifteen folk to receive the Award – then let them know in a comment that they have an award to collect. Fifteen! I shall be linking for hours.

Seven things about Me
If no-one else is in ear-shot then I reckon I can sing.
2. An ideal day for me involves rummaging in a musty second-hand bookshop.
3. My current favourite ice-lolly is called a Nobbly Bobbly. Trying ordering that in a newsagent and sounding sophisticated.
4. I’m a city girl with a country heart.
5. There will always be a forgotten conker in my pockets.
6. I once danced a lindy-hop with Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger in Only Fools and Horses / Mr Crouch in Harry Potter).
7. I think the world is always full of potential, even when I feel sad.

I’d like to pass this one on to the following fabulous fifteen for the following reasons:

The Magpie's Fancy
Gigi takes gorgeous photographs, and nearly all of her posts start with this amazing imagery leading to her amazing writing.
Dyche Designs
Blogs like Kathryn's remind me of when I was an Art student, and how much fun it is to be creative and make pretty things.
Katie Anderson Writer
Katie posts about her writing; life in Glasgow; and she often has fantastic photos to go with her words, including her gorgeous dog Hugo.
Being Me
I love Fran's blog. I love her writing and how much fun she has with words. You must go now and read her brilliant post about 'What happens to fairy-tales when your typing is not up to scratch'.
Creepy Query Girl
As her profile made me laugh so much. I think there is an element of creepy query girl in everyone who starts the process of querying, be it for manuscripts or magazine articles.
Coffee Rings Everywhere
Rayna often posts in drabbles, a perfect 100-word story, and her posts have a way of making you think. Always thoughtful and interesting.
From the House of Edward
I love Pamela's blog - her posts often start with a lovely illustration, or picture of her gorgeous dog Edward, and each post weaves a delightful tale.
Inwardly Digesting
Christine's posts are a pleasure to read, often under-scored with a subtle sense of humour. She posts about her writing; life around around her; and often punctuates her posts with pictures.
Happy Frog and I
Happy Frog shares memories with us, and tickles my nostalgic funny-bone by every so often posting about children's television. Love her Sesame Street posts!
Paper Clippings of a Wandering Artist
Carla's blog is lovely - she posts about what inspires her creativity and it makes me inspired, too!
Wilf the PON discovers France
Wilf the dog has a fabulous sense of humour - daily pictures of Wilf, whose expressions are so heartfelt, as he takes to his owner's new life in France.
Maynard Greenhouse
Gorgeous photographs - Carole takes old things and turns them into wonderous new things, often incorporating plants into her designs.
Nuts in May
I am loving Maggie's blog - she posts about daily life, and often uploads photographs of where she lives and what she sees along the way.
Garden full of Lily
Jennie's blog is a lot of fun - she writes about her animals and writing, as well as sharing the occasional anecdote from her teaching classes.
Lake Mary Musings
Cheryl posts from Minnesota, and often shares photos from her part of the world with 'Photo Finish Friday'.

And there we have it! Link-o-rama! Have a lovely weekend, folks.


Rachna Chhabria said...

Congrats, Jayne for the award. You deserve it and congrats to your awardees.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, you have put a grin upon my face!
You're a dear.
Thank you, thank you.
And Edward and I are delighted you enjoy visiting us. We feel the same about you!

Fran said...

Thanks for the award, Jayne, and for the link to my post. Have a bar of chocolate on me.

Maggie May said...

Many thanks for the award. That is an honour.

My granddaughters have just taken Nobbly bobblies out of the fridge following their dinner!
We have several things in common. I just love second hand musty book shops (and charity shops) and I am a city girl with a country heart too!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I think #1 is true about me as well!

S J Watson said...

Hi Jayne - thanks so much for the mention! I hope my story can inspire others - sometimes the hard work does pay off!


Creepy Query Girl said...

awe, thanks for thinking of me and providing linkage to all these great blogs!

Jennie Bailey said...

Wow! Thank you for the award. What a great Fun Friday surprise! Now, who to pass it along to...

Ann said...

HI Jayne, I have woken too early on a wet Saturday morning (moan, moan, moan) and feels so cheered by your lovely mention - thank you so much! Too, too kind. I think I'd like to try a Nobbly Bobbly - how did the marketing execs let that one through?!

Dyche Designs said...

Thanks you so much for the award and for your lovely comments. It was fun to read the seven things about you and I'm now off to check out the other blogs you've given awards too.

Old Kitty said...

You danced with Trigger!!! Oh wow!! That's just so so so AMAZING!!! I'd love to read the anecdote behind this!

I think I saw an Inspector Morse repeat last week? Where Trigger played a posh Oxford don - very weird!

Congratulations with your fab award and thanks for the intro to all these new blogs!

Take care

Marguerite said...

Congrats on your much deserved award and to all of your recipients! Enjoyed reading your seven things and thanks for all of the links to the great blogs!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Thanks so much Jayne for including me with such an impressive bunch of bloggers and writers. My mindless ramblings are no compare but I do appreciate it so much.

ps...loved the youtube video you did for your giveaway. I love hearing your voice!

Laura Marcella said...

Congrats on your award! And thanks for sharing the links to all these awesome blogs!

Gigi said...

Oh, Jayne, thank you so much for the award! I'm honored to be included with these other fantastic bloggers. You made my day! Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo Gigi

Maria Zannini said...

I'm almost afraid to ask what a conker is. I'm sure it's not what I think.


Nezzy said...

Here's sendin' ya a big old Ozarks CONGRATULATIONS on your well deserved award.

God bless and have an incredible weekend!!!

cArLa said...

thanks a bunch jayne! i can't wait to check out the other blogs you mentioned here too! have a lovely weekend. xoxo

catdownunder said...

Congratulations - off to purrowl through some new blogs!

Julie Musil said...

What a fun post with lots of great blogs to check out! Thank you.

mise said...

I'd make you a special award for excellence in the performance of Blogtopian civic duties if I weren't too lazy (busy, I mean busy) to produce a suitable gif. I'll get visiting those lovely people now instead!

(Glad you liked your necklace!)

Kittie Howard said...

Congrats, Jayne. The award is truly deserved. And to the awardees...checked out My Villa Life, yay!

What's a conker??

Alexandra Crocodile said...

Thanks for all the links! Looks like you've got lots of interesting blogs on your roll! *heads over to check them out...*

Alexandra Crocodile said...

Thanks for all the links! Looks like you've got lots of interesting blogs on your roll! *heads over to check them out...*

Christine said...

Oh, thank you so much for my award. Unlike you, I don't have an airing cupboard in which I can keep it.

Interesting 'seven things'. I'd never heard of a Nobbly Bobbly, so I could say something gushy about the cultural and educational value of Blogland - but I wont.

However, I will go off to visit all these new blogs.

Thanks again.

Ann said...

Congrats on your award and thanks for all the great links. The little bio's you wrote were very interesting.

i'm no miss said...

Congrats on the award, and you've got an interesting list!

CherylK said...

Thank you very much for the lovely award...I'm as pleased as punch!

And I will visit all of the other blogs you've honored...I love meeting new people. It'll take awhile to visit all of them but it will be most enjoyable. Thank you.

Katie Anderson said...

Phew, that's a lot of links! Thanks for the lovely mention and all the great reading matter :)

Now please excuse me, I have to go tell Hugo that he has ANOTHER fan. If you want a giggle, these photos of him from last Christmas are classic;

The Words Crafter said...

You danced with Mr Crouch? Cool. Congratulations on the award and to those receiving it. Also, when I have time, I'm coming back to check out the links to the blogs you mentioned. Very sweet of you to give them shout outs!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Laura Eno said...

Congrats to you and your picks!

Happy Frog and I said...

Hi Jayne, loved your list particularly number 5. I have a conker on my computer at work and I'm always finding them in my pockets!

Thank you so much for my award, how lovely! I have previously created my list and forwarded the torch onto fellow bloggers, but never got an award for it so I hope you do not mind if I graciously accept this one! Thank you! :-)

Happy Frog and I said...
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Angus said...

A heart thank you from Wilf for the kind blog award. He has never had one before. He would however like to point out that he also likes sausages and Jaffa Cakes should you decide to ever honour him again.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the award :) Thanks for all the 'new to me' links too. I hope to have time later on today to check some of them out!

Amanda said...

congrats on your award!

and i love the 7 things about you -- esp number 7, about which i agree completely.

kobico said...

Congratulations! I'll pass by the other blogs when I have time.

I like to rummage in second-hand bookshops, too, especially the one that used to be my father's pharmacy. It looks completely different, now, but every time I walk in, so many happy memories come flooding back.

Barbara Scully said...

You danced with Trigger !!! Brilliant!! Sure whats left to achieve in life now!! Great stuff

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Congratulations on the Award, and thank you for passing it onto me. And thank you too for giving me a whole bunch of new blogs to check out.