Monday, 30 July 2007

Too old for work experience?

An offer came up via a media email alert about work experience at a rather famous music magazine. I sent them an enquiring email, and the upshot is that I will be working there next week - hooray!

The reason I want to do this is that I think it will be good for me. It can be too easy (as outlined in this earlier post here) for me to waste my time being at home, and I want the wake up call working in a busy magazine environment, surrounded by people, to make me really appreciate what I am trying to do. It is also a magazine that I used to love, that really appeals to the music geek in me, and I am fascinated to see behind the scenes.

The only thing is…

…what if they are expecting some young thing, fresh from Uni? I did send them my CV, which does have my D.O.B on it, and as you’ll know if you read Sunday’s post – anyone that remembers Sapphire and Steel did not graduate yesterday.

So they should be aware … but … what if they are all in their early 20s with Hoxton hairdos? Now, one music mag out there is almost guaranteed to have a raft of geometric hair styles on the payroll, but that’s not the one I will be at, so perhaps I shall be okay. Oh Lordy, now I am nervous.

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