Tuesday, 17 July 2007

And so it begins...

"So here I sit in disarrayed splendour..."

I have spent all morning lugging a very large table around a rather small square room in our new rented flat to see which position felt more 'inspirational'. I thought perhaps by the window, and dragged the table across, sadly over my toe. After a small, silent protest of agony, I got it into position only to find that when I sit down, my view was of a brick wall, not even by kneeling could I see the communal gardens I was hoping for. Hmm... So then, after more dragging, lugging and cursing, I end up back with the position it was first in, where my boyfriend John left it this morning. I wonder why I tried to move it in the first place, when it goes against the fundamental rule of thumb that John is Always Right. So the table is back where it started, only now I have a stubbed toe and bruised knee.

Still, as you no doubt have surmised, I have the computer up and running, which means all is now well. As for being inspirational, well, I have the window to the left (view - bricks, windows, and a small patch of green) and to the right, my bookcase filled with goodness. I collect books and old annuals y'see, and it is one of those collections that really warms the heart when you see it. Honest! Unless you are John that is, who mutters ominously about needing paper to scribble on, and perhaps he'll just use the back of one of those old books instead...

This is a thought that fills me with fear and dread.

He knows that too, the cheeky so-and-so.

Tearing my eyes away from my beautiful books for a second, I really hope that I make the most of this opportunity. I am sick with fear that I might get lost by the wayside, lose my direction and focus being at home and waste my time. I was going to buy a flat, y’see, but the money saved for the deposit etc is now all being used to fund me sitting here on my arse tap, tap, tapping away at the keyboard. I do have a few good story ideas up my sleeve - two for children and two for adults. My later work choices were all focused on writing, so hopefully it will work to my credit, although apart from cracking on with the stories, I really don't know where to start... I am hoping this blog will help. Although I have spent far too long already deliberating upon it, I must admit!

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