Friday, 27 July 2007

On the ball

Sometimes, you find things on the Internet without even trying. Today I wasn’t even looking for local London magazines; I was after a magazine called The English Garden to see if they might be interested in my photographic services.

Did I tell you I can be rather nifty with a camera? But then again, cameras are so good these days aren’t they – nearly everyone can be nifty I think. You just have to get your composition spot on, or see the quirkier things in life.

I have digressed haven’t I? Right, Internet. So there I was, hunting The English Garden, which is published by Archant, which recently acquired a LOT of local London mags. I knew this, but obviously I had been as blind as a bat when I last flew into Archant’s website, as they have www links for nearly all of their publications, which includes editorial contact details. Oh fool that I am! But will I email or phone them? Hmm… See, it is tricky. As from experience in editorial, the phone is a constant annoying interuption from work. Yet emails can disappear very quickly down a big black hole, especially if they are a generic email eg to editor@...

And is Friday a good day to pitch? Liquid lunches, looking forward to the weekend, you get that whole 'I will deal with it Monday' feeling and by the time Monday rolls around there are hundreds of emails that have come in over the weekend for the busy editor and your Friday email will have fallen down the plug hole.

Or I am making yet another plausible excuse? Hmm, maybe I should be in politics.

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