Monday, 23 July 2007

Soggy Souls

My friend’s wedding was rather wet. It was held in a field in the country, which would have been grand if only it was not ‘flood weekend’ for much of the UK. Although the small town we were in was lucky enough to avoid the floods, it did rain relentlessly on the most important day, turning the field into a rather slippy, rather muddy affair. Still, we all made the most of it and I think the bride and groom had a lovely day.

Small highlights for me:

1 – Being part of the wedding party coming down the slippery slope and watching everyone trying to hold their balance. Deciding flip flops were a really bad idea.

2 – The rain holding its breath throughout the ceremony, and the way the bride and groom had eyes only for each-other. Aw...

3 – Watching the fabulous blacksmith forging an iron ring for the newly-weds - a really original idea.

4 – Heading for the free bar. Admiring the wedding cake - a generous stacked pile of cheese!

5 – John and three others having to push his car onto higher ground when it got stuck. The announcment over the PA system for everyone to rescue their cars.

6 – Everyone coming back covered in mud. A general feeling in the air of conquering disaster.

7 – Deciding between the ‘premier’ portaloos (more of a walk, but less muddier interior) or the ‘portaloo of impending doom’ – the lone toilet on the wonk by the thistles.

8 – Lots of happy people dancing in the main tent. Let those that scoff at wellies look on in jealousy.

9 – The walk in pitch darkness back to John’s car.

10 – The creep through the B&B when I had to take nearly everything off in the porch to avoid dripping mud through the house, with John going back to mop the floor after our wake.
So today is mainly de-mudding everything! But as weddings go, it was rather special. And that is what matters most of all.

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