Saturday, 28 July 2007

Oh – they published it!

Yesterday I went to pick up some milk (and buy it obviously, not just do a runner), and as an afterthought I bought the local paper as well.

I had pitched an idea to them a few weeks ago, which they said they liked and would run, and since then I had heard nothing further. I had bought this paper enthusiastically for the first week, with a slight deflated air for the second and for this, the third, with a dejected sigh. Until I leafed through the pages on the way back home and was suddenly stopped in my tracks by my article staring back at me. Ooo – they printed it! And they put my name in big bold letters! And…I read the beginning paragraph…hmm; they make it sound like it’s the start of a new regular column!

This latter point intrigues me, as yes, this was what I wanted (of course!) but they are not paying me, yet, so… hmm. See – my hopefully cunning plan was to send them a few free articles for a month or so, and then say I cannot possibly continue without the cash. Hopefully (again) by then they will love me, the readers will be feed-backing in their thousands (well, okay, in their tens) and I will have them in the palm of my scruffy little paw.

I am also planning to freely syndicate my idea (as it’s a goodie, honestly) to my writer pal J and another two writer pals T and P, who live oop North. Then they can pitch it to their local papers under the same heading and there we will be - this small little select team of amazing fab writer dudes. I have already told J, she is coming down on Tuesday to stay with me and we will stay up all night drinking wine and plotting world domination. Bwhahahaha.

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