Sunday, 26 August 2007


If you slide your eyes to the left… you will see I have added a Flickr flash badge link.

Oh the troubles I had editing the HTML of this blog to add it… It’s easy! Says Flickr. It’s simple! Says Blogger. Yet every time I tried to add it, when I went to ‘preview’ I was informed I had bollocksed it up somewhere en route. Now if in doubt with the web, go to someone else’s site that has what you want and view source, is what I say.

I haven’t done any links yet to blogs I enjoy reading, although this is next on my list to work out, but one of them that I enjoy who has a Flickr account is Dave Gorman. So I went there, had a look at his source, and tried to work out how he had done it. This sort of helped, or at least stopped giving my preview button fits every time I pressed it. And eventually the badge fitted into place and is where it is, although I really want to change the background black to a nice grey, to fit in more with this page. But since it all seems to work, I have no urge to change the equilibrium just yet, as me and HTML work best generally at a distance from each other.

The photographs are all from the air display I went to recently, at Rougham air field and considering it was a gorgeous grey summer’s day, I have boosted a few with Photoshop here and there. You can probably tell which ones…

The day was fab though - if you like vintage cars and classic planes, you absolutely must dress in your best cagoule and go to the nearest one to you. You can read about it here.

And as for Flickr, well, am still learning my way around. But it seems a good place to dump and then organise photographs, should I need another distraction to my day. Oh darn…

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